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The Best Home Pest Control Services in Albemarle County

Are you having pest control issues? American Pest provides top-notch pest control services in Albemarle. We are an EPA approved company with over 95 years of experience! Contact us today and let us know how we may assist you!

At American Pest, we understand that pest control can spell trouble for homeowners and businesses alike. We also know how stressful, inconvenient, and exhausting it can be for people to attempt DIY pest removal and try to save some money. We’re here to tell you that with American Pest, we provide affordable, effective, and efficient pest control services that have been leading the way in our industry for nearly a century!

When it comes to pest control, no one does it better than our expert specialists. Through our innovative technologies and extensive company history, we come prepared with all of the tools necessary to make your pest problem a thing of the past. Contact us today for more information regarding our services and company history, and make your pest problem disappear!

Remove Rodents

Rodents are known for the inconveniences, hazards, and issues that they present—to homeowners and businesses of all shapes and sizes. A rodent nest or infestation can be costly and stressful if you’re taking a DIY approach to removal. Rather than wasting your valuable time with an infestation, just leave it to the pros of American Pest! 

Our specialists utilize SMART system technologies that are designed to monitor the presence of rodents and provide prompt solutions to the issues that they present. These systems provide 24/7 surveillance and deter rodents from entering, nesting, and spreading throughout your home or business. For more information regarding our SMART monitoring systems, contact us today!

Terminate Termites

Termites also present many issues for homeowners and businesses. While their presence may not present any immediate health concerns, these pesky insects can cause major structural damage to the foundation of homes and businesses and deserve immediate attention. Termites are often found in the soil both around and beneath the foundations of homes and businesses, where they feed on decomposing plants, wood, timber, and other materials containing cellulose.

At American Pest, we provide the most efficient and effective solution for termites infestations. Our specialists use Sentricon systems that utilize Noviflumuron as their active ingredient, which is presented to termite food sources in order to cause colony collapse and kill all present termites. For more information regarding this method, contact American Pest today and see how it can benefit you!

Call us at 301-232-5845 to get a free estimate about our termite treatment in Lynchburg City, or visit our website to read more information about our termites' plan.


Albemarle Pest Control for Homeowners

The expert technicians of American Pest have proven track records, as well as years of industry experience. Through our innovative methods, we eliminate and prevent pest and vermin infestations, providing homeowners with the peace of mind that they deserve. We offer an assortment of Preferred Car plans, which all feature 24/7 home monitoring and customer service, interior/exterior home protection, and a pest-free guarantee! For more information regarding our services, contact a specialist today!





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Pest Control in Virginia for Businesses

Dealing with and enduring a pest/vermin infestation can be distracting and detrimental for businesses trying to complete everyday tasks. But, you don’t have to deal with this alone! American Pest has nearly a century of industry experience and a demonstrated success record in pest removal. Through our expertise, innovative technologies, and expert methods, businesses can get back to what matters most without lifting a finger. Make the most of our Preferred Care plans and emergency services; give us a call today! 

Give us a call at 855-225-7044 and talk with one of our pest experts about our LEED program and how it can help you get two credits toward the LEED "Existing Building Operations" certification, an exciting opportunity to contribute your business prestige.

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