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Bel Air is located in Harford County, MD and is considered to be the “Heart of Harford”. Safe neighborhoods, great schools, a historic downtown, and plenty of recreational opportunities are what make this Maryland town so popular with both residents and visitors alike.

What makes American Pest so popular with Maryland residents are our professional, dedicated technicians, our timely services, and environmentally friendly products.

Whether you are looking for residential or commercial pest control services, American Pest has what you need to protect your property and keep the people inside safe from dangerous and damaging pests.

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Residential Pest Control in Bel Air, MD

To control nuisance, damaging, or dangerous pests from invading your Bel Air home trust American Pest’s year-round residential pest control programs to provide your home and family with the protection they need against pests.

Our Preferred Care, Preferred Care Plus, and Preferred Care Complete programs eliminate and control pests through our S.T.A.R. approach to pest management. The S.T.A.R. approach to pest management allows us to create a targeted plan to eliminate pests from your home and keep them from returning in the future!

  • S – Survey: We will survey your commercial facility looking for signs of pest activity and possible entry points
  • T – Target: We will apply a targeted treatment solution to eliminate pest problem(s)
  • A – Analyze: We will analyze the result of our treatments and take corrective actions if needed
  • R – Report: We will report our findings back to you in an effort to prevent future infestations


Contact us today to learn why so many of your Bel Air neighbors have chosen American Pest to protect their residential properties from common Maryland pests!


Don’t Leave Your Bel Air Home Unprotected Against Termites

Termites are among the worst potential pests threatening homes across the state of Maryland and are responsible for millions in property damage every year. Unfortunately, unlike some other common pests, termites never truly go out of season and can strike at any time of year if you have not taken steps to prevent them.

Don’t leave the safety of your Bel Air home to chance - contact the pest professionals at American Pest today and find out how our comprehensive termite control programs can keep your home protected against termites now and into the future.


Stink Bug Prevention Tips in Bel Air, MD

The name stink bug fits these Maryland pests appropriately. These insects emit a very unpleasant smell when they are threatened or are squished, often making people wary of trying to deal with them. These smelly pests are easily recognized because of a triangular-shaped plate that is found on their back.

Stink bugs are agricultural pests that feed on a variety of plants and fruits. However, these typically outside pests do find their way inside of homes and other buildings during the fall, looking for a warm safe place to spend the winter in.

To help stop stink bugs from overwintering inside of your home we offer the following prevention tips.

  • Seal all cracks and crevices that are found in your home’s foundation or exterior walls.
  • Caulk gaps found around windows and doors.
  • Replace any door or window screens that have holes or rips in them.
  • Make sure that all chimneys have tight-fitting caps on them.
  • Place covers over all vents.
  • Trim back overgrown trees and vegetation from the outside of your home.


If stink bugs ever make an appearance in your Bel Air home, contact American Pest to put into place the services needed to eliminate these smelly pests and to keep them from returning.


Tips to Avoid Bed Bugs in Bel Air, MD

Bed bugs have been around basically since humans have been around. They are a tough pest to deal with, and once they find their way into your Bel Air home they are impossible to get rid of without the help of a pest control professional.

Simply throwing out your home’s mattresses will not get rid of the bed bug infestation, only professional treatment will. 

If bed bugs ever find their way into your Bel Air home, the professionals at American Pest can quickly get rid of them through our thorough inspections and highly effective treatments.

To help you prevent bed bugs from getting into and taking over your entire home undetected, we want to offer you the following tips:

  • Inspect for live or dead bed bugs in the seams, on stitching, or stuck to fabrics.
  • Wash clothing, bedding, and other items regularly on the hottest temperature.
  • Have a good understanding of what bed bugs and signs of their presence look like.
  • Schedule routine bed bug inspections from a professional.


Contact us today, to schedule a bed bug inspection for your Bel Air property.


Commercial pest control services from the professionals at American Pest will give you the advantage you need to protect your products and facility from pests, and to maintain an environment that will make your customers want to keep coming back.

We are a QualityPro Green company and are accredited by the National Pest Management Association. Our customized commercial pest control services, which are developed by our staff entomologists, will help to keep your business, customers, and image protected from potentially dangerous pests.

To ensure that you are always receiving the best services, our professionals are continuously undergoing extensive training.

Our ProCare Program provides the comprehensive services needed to control a variety of pests in a wide variety of industries.

At American Pest, we also have available a very effective LEED program.

This program takes into consideration the biology of pests, structure, sanitation deficiencies, cultural variables, and environmental conditions in an effort to apply the most eco-sound pest control methods possible.







V. Maier - Silver Spring, MD

American Pest service technicians are always willing to take their time and listen to concerns, answer questions and crawl around checking out areas that may show signs of intruding insects or rodents.






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V. Maier - Silver Spring, MD

 American Pest service technicians are always willing to take their time and listen to concerns, answer questions and crawl around checking out areas that may show signs of intruding insects or rodents.

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J. Davies - Severn, MD

 I called American Pest because of an ant problem but they wound up treating so much more. Great conversation with the main office and the tech who came to the house was incredibly punctual, courteous, extremely knowledgeable/excited about his work. Happy to say I no longer share the house with ants or any other insects!

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