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Bowie, MD Pest Control

Bowie, Maryland is a cozy neighborhood nestled within Prince George's County, Maryland. Bowie offers its residents many amenities including close access to major area cities, great schools, plentiful business opportunities, and many parks, paths, trails, and wide open spaces to enjoy with family and friends.

While the ample amount of space and great residential neighborhoods draw people to this Maryland city, they also draw pests that are looking for easy access to food, water, and shelter.

To protect your Bowie home or business from pests foraging for their basic needs, trust the Maryland pest control experts at American Pest. We have the ability to quickly implement the latest technological advancements and green initiatives into your commercial or residential Bowie property.

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Residential Pest Control in Bowie Maryland

Keep pests out of your Bowie home with the help of the Maryland pest professionals- American Pest. We offer three residential pest control plans for our homeowners to choose from. Each of our Preferred Care Plans offers comprehensive, modern eco-friendly pest control solutions that provide protection against over 30 common household pests.

They are also backed by our Pest Free Pledge, which states that if pests return between our scheduled visits so will we, free of charge.

Our preferred care program provides protection against household pests, our Preferred Care Plus program offers the addition of termite monitoring so that these damaging pests can't gain a foothold inside your home, and finally, our Preferred Care Complete program provides protection against household pets, with termite monitoring and elimination services included, so that if termites become a problem, you won't even have to think about the next step.

In addition to general pest control services we offer the following targeted pest control programs to protect your home from specific pests:

  • Bed bug services
  • Termite control services
  • Rodent protection services
  • Mosquito control services
  • Tick control services


What is the best way to get rid of Rodents?

Rodents have an incredible facility to move, reproduce, and are very hard to catch. Let’s say you set up a couple of traps, take down some mice, but one of them survives, that single rodent is going to populate your entire house, and you will have to start over again.

At American Pest, our certified rodent control professionals will put an end to your frustration by getting rid of rats and mice inside any Bowie's property. Our holistic strategy includes SMART treatments, an intelligent trapping system that will effectively stop mice and rats in their tracks and keep them out of your home, one and all.


Carpet Beetle Prevention Tips for Bowie, MD Residents

Carpet beetles may not be the most well-known pest, but they are an important pest to learn about because of their ability to cause harm to our property.

Carpet beetle larvae are attracted to the essential oils found in human hair, to get to the hair they will crawl across people as they sleep, leaving behind an irritating rash on the skin of some people.

Carpet beetle larvae also damage items made from natural fibers as they feed on them, creating holes in clothing, blankets, and carpets.

Adult carpet beetles do not cause any physical damage to property or people, but they do contaminate food sources by laying their eggs in pantry items like dry pet food, milled products, seeds, and other dry goods.

To help protect your home from being invaded by these damaging pests we suggest the following prevention tips:

  • Caulk gaps found around windows and doors.
  • Make sure that the screens are completely intact.
  • Routinely vacuum up pet hair and other dust and debris, remembering to vacuum underneath of furniture.
  • When storing away clothing and blankets made from wool or other animal fibers, store in airtight pest-proof containers.


How Bed Bug Control Works

People are constantly traveling- traveling to work, traveling to school, traveling to the shopping center, and traveling across the country on vacation, and unfortunately, each time you leave your home to travel somewhere there is a chance that you are going to come into contact with bed bugs and introduce them back into your Bowie, MD home.

If bed bugs ever do make their way into your home, know that the professionals at American Pest have the services needed to quickly and completely eliminate them from your home.

We begin eliminating bed bugs from your home by having our K-9 Bed Bug Inspectors target the areas of infestation, finding all the bed bugs that are hiding in your home. We then treat either with conventional methods using insecticides or by using heat treatments.

When conventional methods are chosen our professionals perform initial treatments, they will then follow up and make sure that the treatment is working, and if necessary they will perform targeted treatments to eliminate any remaining bed bugs.

If a heat treatment is needed, modern equipment is used to safely treat your structure, eliminating any bed bugs that are present.

We may also suggest the use of mattress and box spring encasements, to ensure that your mattresses and box springs aren’t ever again infested with bed bugs. Call us today to learn more about bed bugs and how we can successfully treat any size bed bug infestation!


Common Pests in Bowie Maryland


Protect Your Bowie, MD Business from Pests

American Pest has been protecting Maryland businesses from pests for over 80 years.

At American Pest, we are committed to serving our commercial customers, and ensuring that they receive industry-leading, effective, customized pest control services. We are QualityPro Green accredited by the National Pest Management Association and our ProCare program offers the most comprehensive commercial pest control services available.

Our ProCare program provides customers with complete solutions through our S.T.A.R. approach to pest management; Survey (S), Target (T), Analysis (A) Report (R).

This entails a professional survey of your property, the targeted treatment of pests, the analysis of treatment outcomes, and a report detailing the results of all treatment initiatives.

We also provide the following services to protect Bowie, MD commercial properties from pests: bed bug control, bird control, termite control, rodent control, and LEED certification. Give us a call to learn more about any of our quality commercial pest control services.





D. Pryor - Silver Spring, MD

The service technician was punctual, courteous, and very thorough. He took the time to explain each step in the process to treat our home. And, the services have resulted in a reduction/near elimination of pests in and around our home.






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V. Maier - Silver Spring, MD

 American Pest service technicians are always willing to take their time and listen to concerns, answer questions and crawl around checking out areas that may show signs of intruding insects or rodents.

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J. Davies - Severn, MD

 I called American Pest because of an ant problem but they wound up treating so much more. Great conversation with the main office and the tech who came to the house was incredibly punctual, courteous, extremely knowledgeable/excited about his work. Happy to say I no longer share the house with ants or any other insects!

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