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Quality Pest Solutions For Over 90 years

American Pest has been providing pest control services in Reston and Northern Virginia for over 90 years.  We know the region and we know the pests. That makes us the ideal choice in Reston pest control.  

As a family owned and operated company, we are here to help with the removal of rodents like mice and rats or insects like carpenter ants or box elder bugs.  Don't let your home or business be taken over by bugs and rodents, contact American Pest today!

Reston Home Pest Control Services

For efficient and effective residential pest control services for Reston homes, our Preferred Care plan is available with three different levels of pest control coverage. No matter how big or small your pest problem, we have the right program to suit your needs and your budget. Our trained technicians will inspect your home and determine the best way to eliminate your pest problem to completely remove all sorts of pests, including ants, spiders, silverfish, and occasional invaders. Let us protect your family and your home with year-round pest control service.

Roach Control In Reston VA

If you're dealing with an American cockroach infestation, the best solution is to contact the cockroach control experts at American Pest. We have the experience and knowledge necessary Cockroaches are pesky little bugs that can wreak havoc on your home.

American Pest has the experience and knowledge to get rid of any size cockroach infestation in Reston VA area properties, so you won't have them coming back again soon! Contact our team today for a free consultation about how we'll work together to make things better than ever before - it's what we do best after all!. eliminate any sized cockroach infestation from Reston VA area properties and keep them from returning. Contact us today for a free consultation!


Professional Mice Extermination in Reston

Mice are common pests in many homes, and they can be difficult to get rid of. If you're having a problem with mice, it's important to call a professional mice extermination company. They have the experience and equipment necessary to get the job done quickly and effectively. 

One of our licensed pest control professionals out onsite during their initial visit. They'll provide you with an inspection and treatment plan that will make sure no more rodents are coming through.

After performing the initial inspection, our pest expert will seal off entry points from the exterior, and will also place bait stations in strategic locations around your property so that rodents will come into contact with them and die poisoned within minutes! We also make sure this doesn't happen; as safety comes first for everyone involved-including pets too!

We also offer a revolutionary way to trap and control pests. Our SMART rodent control system allows us track mouse activity in real time, so you never have worry about them coming into your home or the removal process for one pesky critter! 24/7 365 smart traps will be strategically placed around areas where there may be some seen activity from these pesky creatures which notifies our professional immediately before it's too late

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