1. Savage, MD Pest Control

Savage, MD Pest control

American Pest has been solving pest problems in homes and businesses found throughout Howard County, including properties located in historic Savage, Maryland, since 1925.

Whatever the pest may be - mice, spiders, bed bugs, ants, stink bugs, boxelder bugs - we have a safe and effective solution to get rid of them from your home or business. For industry-leading pest control services completed by a family owned and operated company for your Savage property, contact the professionals at American Pest!


3 Reasons Why Pest Control Is Important

Implementing pest control services in your Savage home is important for many reasons. Three of the top reasons are below.

  1. Preventing and controlling pest within your home will help to prevent you and your family from coming into contact with pests that can affect your health. Pests like venomous spiders and disease-spreading pests like rodents, flies, and cockroaches can cause some pretty serious illness.

  2. Routine pest control services will help to prevent your home and personal belongings from being damaged by pests. Rodents and insects can damage structural elements located in your home like wires, pipes, insulation, and dry wall; they can also destroy personal items like furniture, clothing, books, wallpaper, and more.

  3. Once your initial pest problem is eliminated, routine monitoring and prevention services will prevent future problems with pests saving you time, money, and stress.

Residential Pest Control in Savage Maryland

At American Pest, we offer our customers several options when it comes to residential pest control programs. We understand that there is not one solution to controlling pests so all of our programs are customizable to each individual homeowner’s needs. All of our programs are guaranteed and if covered pests return between visits, we will return and treat for no charge.

  • Preferred Care- Through this plan our professionals will provide seasonal (4) treatments for existing pest problems, protect homes against over 30 common household pests, seal pest entry points around your home, and provide rodent monitoring and control services.

  • Preferred Care Plus- This plan includes everything that is in the above Preferred Care program, plus the added benefit of termite monitoring.

  • Preferred Care Complete- This plan is our most inclusive plan. It includes everything that is in the Preferred Care Plus program, but also provides our customers with termite control services using the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System.

Maryland Termite Control

Termites are a major concern for any property owner living in our area. Termites often enter homes and other buildings accidentally while foraging for food, but they will usually then stay to feed on your structural wood.

Termites can work within your home unnoticed for months or years causing extensive and costly damages.

The best way to protect your home from termites is to be as proactive as possible by implementing a termite monitoring and control program.

The first step to preventing termite problems in your Savage home is to have an inspection; if one of our highly trained termite inspectors discovers termite activity in your home, we can begin treatment quickly using the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System.

The Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System gets rid of entire termite colonies through the use of non-invasive, environmentally friendly bait stations.

The bait is brought back to the colony by the workers eliminating every member, including the queen. After the termites have been eliminated the Sentricon system remains in place where it is monitored and maintained by our professionals providing protection for your home against future termite infestations!


Commercial Pest Control in Savage, MD

The best way to protect your Savage, Maryland, business from problems with pests is to put in place a commercial pest control program.

Pests can cause damage to your property, destroy inventory, and damage your business’s reputation within the community.

Our ProCare program was developed in conjunction with our staff entomologists in order to ensure that we are offering the safest and most effective services to control and prevent pests within your commercial facility.

Our ProCare program includes: A survey of your property by one of our professionals to locate pest entry points and areas of activity, the targeted treatment of pests, analyzing the outcome of our treatment services, and providing a report with our findings to you in order to help prevent future pest issues.


Mosquito Control in Savage, Maryland

The mosquito professionals at American Pest have developed a safe and very effective mosquito control program to limit the number of mosquitoes found living and breeding on your Savage property.

Mosquitoes can carry dangerous viruses like the West Nile virus and the highly publicized Zika virus.

To help protect yourself, your family and your guests from mosquitoes and their bites we can provide 6-7 treatment services throughout their entire active season - March thru October. Our mosquito control services include an inspection and treatment using a specialized misting system and the placement of biological larvicide in order to stop larval development.

For more information about controlling pesky and dangerous mosquitoes on your Savage property, give us a call today!

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