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Pest Control In Sherwood Forest, MD

For over 85 years, American Pest has been supplying Sherwood Forest businesses and homeowners with the most complete pest control services to effectively eliminate unwanted insects, rodents, and pest birds. 

As a locally owned and operated MD pest control company, our highly trained professional exterminators will implement the latest pest control technologies and methods to achieve and maintain a pest-free environment. 

Whether mice are scurrying across your kitchen floor, roaches are found in your bathtub or the ever troublesome bed bugs have found a way into your home, you can count on American Pest to resolve all your pest problems quickly and efficiently. 


What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are small, flat, reddish brown insects that come out of their nests at night to feed on humans and other mammals' blood.  After thought to be nearly extinct for the past five decades, bed bug infestations are dramatically on the rise, popping up in Sherwood Forest as well as throughout Maryland, the United States and even the entire world!   

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Inspecting For Bed Bugs While Traveling

Bed bugs can easily adapt to new environments, making them proficient travelers, attaching themselves to luggage, backpacks, purses, used furniture and even people.  Bed bugs are known to infest:

  • Homes

  • Healthcare facilities

  • Apartments and condos

  • Hotels, motels and inns

  • Movie theaters

  • Retail stores

  • Trains, buses and other forms of public transportation

When traveling this summer, you should take a few precautions to eliminate the possibility of bringing these bothersome pests home with you.  If traveling on public transportation, keep your bags in your lap and check for signs of bed bugs.  When arriving at your lodging destination, inspect the room by looking in crevices of the mattress and box spring, behind pictures and wall hangings, inside or along seams of upholstered furniture and along baseboards.  

While staying in the hotel room, the best place to store your luggage to avoid bed bugs is to place it and other bags in the bathtub.  Once you have returned home, immediately wash all the clothing in your luggage in the hottest water possible and thoroughly inspect your luggage before you bring it in your home. It is also wise to inspect your personal belongings for bed bugs that may have stowed away inside alarm clocks, inside toiletry kits and inside hair dryers.


Bed Bug Dog Inspections

If you believe you may be suffering from a bed bug infestation, let American Pest’s K-9 Detection services find where they are hiding!  Our bed bug dogs have over 600 hours of specialized training and have continuous training to keep them focused on their skills.  K-9 inspections generally take 2-5 minutes and have a 97% level of accuracy on sniffing out bed bugs in all life stages, including nymphs and eggs.  


Bed Bug Treatments

Once our bed bug dogs have sniffed out bed bugs, American Pest will introduce a skilled bed bug exterminator to recommend the best bed bug treatment option for your bed bug problem.  Our bed bug control services include:

  • Bed Bug Heat Treatments

  • Conventional Pesticide Treatments

  • Mattress and Box Spring Encasements

If you have noticed itchy red welts on your skin, reddish-brown spots on your linens, shed bed bug skins, or a sweet musty odor similar to over-ripened raspberries saturating a room, do not wait; contact American Pest and let us get rid of bed bugs at your property today!


Other Sherwood Forest Pest Control Services

American Pest not only offers some of the most advanced bed bug services available in MD, we also provide Sherwood Forest pest control services for all your commercial and residential pest control needs.  Our other services include:

  • Residential Pest Control

  • Commercial Pest Control

  • Rodent Control

  • Mosquito and Tick Mitigation

  • Termite Control

  • Bird Control

  • And Many More!

For all your Sherwood Forest pest control needs, look no further than American Pest as your trusted Maryland exterminator!

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