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Silver Spring Pest Control Professionals 

For over 90 years, American Pest has been providing exceptional pest control to Silver Spring. As a longstanding Maryland pest control provider, we offer quality services for both residential and commercial properties.

We take pride in our commitment to provide the most effective and eco-friendly pest control techniques to safeguard your property against stink bugs, carpenter ants, bed bugs, mice, and other insect and rodent problems in Silver Spring.

At American Pest, our Preferred Care plans offer home pest control services for your Silver Spring home. By offering three levels of pest control coverage, we allow you to choose the service that suits your needs and budget.

We can give your home, family, and pets superior protection against insects and rodents, such as ants, spiders, ticks and mice.

Whether dealing with a current problem or the wish to prevent future infestations, American Pest will keep your home pest-free all year long. Contact American Pest to protect your Maryland home from unwanted pests.

Rodent Season Soon to Return to Silver Spring

When rats and mice invade homes, trouble soon follows, including property damage, food contamination, and even dangerous diseases.

Rodents are some of the worst pests you can have; unfortunately, as the weather cools, the food and warmth your home provides will only make it a more appealing target for rodent infestation.

That’s why it’s important to start taking steps to prevent rodents right now to prevent rats and mice from turning your home into their nest. If you suspect that rodents have already made their way into your home, don’t go it alone: contact American Pest today and find out why our comprehensive rodent control treatment is your best bet to keep you and your family protected.

Common Pests in Silver Spring

Silver Spring Bed Bug Removal

Bed bug infestations are becoming a common occurrence in Silver Spring and throughout Maryland. They can be picked up almost anywhere, and can easily find their way into your home, especially when returning from vacation. Within 3 to 6 months after being introduced into your home or business, they can become a full-blown infestation.

Bed bugs are small oval-shaped insects that feed on the blood of humans. Their flat bodies, and the fact that they are nocturnal, often make then undetectable. They hide during the day in hard to see areas including inside furniture, behind outlet covers, and in cracks and crevices.

Even if you discover an infestation, bed bugs are tough to eradicate through DIY methods.

American Pest offers the most complete and effective bed bug control available to Silver Spring residences and businesses. We use K9 bed bug teams to accurately identify all infested areas so we can treat them quickly and thoroughly. Whether you’re looking for commercial or residential bed bug services in Silver Spring, we can help.


Safeguarding Your Silver Spring Home Against Ticks

Tick populations are on the rise in Silver Spring, and the diseases they spread are increasing as well. Ticks may be small, but they carry serious illnesses that cause long term problems, and even death, if not promptly treated. These illnesses include, but are not limited to:

• Lyme disease
• Rocky Mountain spotted fever
• Anaplasmosis
• Babesiosis
• A red meat allergy

Tick treatments from American Pest are performed by technicians trained in the habits and biology of ticks. We will treat the areas on your property where ticks are most likely to congregate, significantly reducing their numbers around your home.





C. Tracy - Charlottesville, VA

We’re continually shown this company’s dedication to the customer through knowledge sharing with an informative report of inspection that is reviewed in real-time and efforts for explaining all treatments performed."






Silver Spring Commercial Pest Control Services

Since 1925 American Pest has been providing commercial pest control services in the Maryland area.

Our ProCare program is designed to target insects and rodents that are most common in businesses and industrial facilities, such as cockroaches and rats. We service many industries, including, but not limited to:

• Educational Facilities
• Food & Beverage Processing Facilitie
• Government Buildings
• Hospitals
• Hotels
• Restaurants

Whatever your business, we will tailor a solution to your pest problems—targeting the insects and rodents that can tarnish your reputation and hurt your bottom line.

Whether you need bed bug services, termite control, rodent control, or general commercial pest control services in Silver Spring, we can help.

All of our pest control services are eco-friendly, comply with all industry regulations, and meet quality standards. Our goal is to provide your company with commercial pest control that resolves your pest issues while remaining sensitive to your budgetary requirements

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