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Pest Control Solutions In Westminster and Carroll County MD

If you live in Westminster, MD, you've probably noticed that we have a few pests that like to get into our homes and businesses. Ants crawl around in our driveways and on our decks. Mosquitoes buzz around in our backyards. Spiders make webs in our landscaping and on the sides of our homes.

Bees bounce from flower to flower and wasps create gray orbs in sheltered locations. Box elder bugs and stink bugs get in when the cold temperatures of fall arrive and rodents get in all year long.

We have stinging pests, pests that bite, pests that spread harmful bacteria, pests that transmit diseases, pests that reproduce in stored foods, pests that damage our belongings, pests that eat away the equity we have built up, and the list goes on and on. If you're battling pests in Westminster, give us a call.

American Pest is a leader in Carroll County pest control. We can help you protect your health and property from the harmful impact of bugs and rodents.


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Residential Pest Control In Westminster, MD

Are you wondering what kind of bug you've found in your Westminster home? We have lots of them here. It can get confusing. But what isn't confusing is how to deal with bugs in Westminster.

The bug experts at American Pest use the latest technologies and field-tested methods to systematically reduce and eliminate potential pests. And we don't stop at bugs. We offer one of the most advanced rodent control programs in the country. Since rodents can bring bugs into your Westminster home, having ongoing rodent management is essential to all Carroll County residents.

Preferred Care — When you want protection from over 30 common pests in Westminster, MD, this is the best place to start. Our Preferred Care program starts with an interior treatment and is supported by ongoing exterior treatments to keep pests from getting into your home. This exterior treatment comes with rodent control and we back this service with our Pest Free Pledge Guarantee. 

Preferred Care Plus — If termites are a concern for you but you don't have the finances to invest in ongoing, always active, termite colony elimination, this is a good place to start. Preferred Care Plus gives you all of the pest control protection of our Preferred Care program with Halo Termite Monitoring thrown in. When subterranean termites come to feed on your home, we'll know it.

Preferred Care Complete — If termite monitoring isn't enough and you want to know that your property is actively protected from termite infestation, we have you covered. This program also includes a termite service warranty.


Guide To Avoiding Bed Bugs In Westminster, MD

How do you stop a bug that hitchhikes into your home? The secret is to keep an eye out for warning signs of bed bug activity and take appropriate measures to prevent them from getting into your home.

  • Learn what bed bugs look like in all stages of development.

  • Keep in perspective how tiny these insects are. While they aren't invisible to the naked eye, they're still pretty small. A newly hatched bed bugs in only about 1 mm in length.

  • Always do a quick inspection when you stay overnight somewhere. Search for shed insect skins, black patches or streaks, tiny white eggs, and brown stains.

  • Keep in mind that your greatest weapon is your dryer. Thirty minutes in a dryer is enough to kill bed bugs in all stages of development.

  • Be sure to teach your kids, your family, and your friends how to detect bed bugs and signs of bed bugs. If they keep a watchful eye out for bed bugs, it could prevent them from bringing them into your home.

When bed bugs get in, remember that American Pest has a comprehensive toolset to deal with infestations both small and large. You don't have to let the bed bugs bite.


Commercial Pest Control In Westminster, MD

Every business plan should include pest control. There are simply too many ways pests can have a negative impact on your bottom line. If you own a business in Westminster, MD, let the commercial pest control experts here at American Pest give you the support you need.

Our QualityPro and GreePro Accredited team has the experience and professionalism to help you mitigate the threat pests can present and provide a level of pest management that meets and exceeds all governmental regulations. We're also a LEED Proven Provider. That means we can help your company get LEED certification.


Protect Your Westminster, MD Property From Termite Damage

Subterranean termites are a pest threat found throughout Carroll County, MD that requires a unique pest control solution. Standard pest control methods and products don't work to stop these insects.

They come up from the ground and feed on the inside of the wood in your home or business. For decades, the solution has been to pour tons of liquid termiticide into the ground but that is no longer necessary.

The Sentricon® System with Always Active offers effective control of subterranean termites without the need for chemicals, trenching, or drilling.

This award-winning system uses termite workers against the colony that sent them. Find out how this powerful termite control method can safeguard your equity from destructive subterranean termites. Schedule a meeting with one of our certified Sentricon® with Always Active™ installers today.  

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