Pest Control Pros Serving McLean VA

For over 90 years American Pest has been offering quality pest control services in McLean and the NOVA region.  We are a family owned and operated pest control company servicing both commercial and residential properties. We are committed to providing our customers with the most effective and latest eco-friendly pest control techniques for the removal of insects and rodents in McLean including carpenter ants and rats.

Preferred Care Home Pest Control In McLean

At American Pest our Preferred Care plans offers the best and most efficient residential pest control services in McLean and all of Northern Virginia. With three levels of pest control coverage you are sure to find one the suits your needs and budget.

Let us protect your home, family, and pets with regular pest control service. For McLean home pest control services that are effective against common household pests including clover mites, house centipedes, spiders and more, contact American Pest.

McLean Termite Removal Services

To get rid of termites, McLean home and business owners should rely on American Pest. Whether these wood destroying pests have infested residential dwellings or commercial facilities, our termite removal services will identify termite damage as well as eliminate the entire termite colony on or around your property. As part of a comprehensive termite control and protection solution, our pest control professionals will install the Sentricon®Termite Colony Elimination System which continuously monitors for termite activity on around your home or business. At American Pest we guarantee complete eradication of termite infestations as well as prevent new colonies from invading. 

Bed Bug Heat Treatments In McLean Virginia

Did you realize heat is an extremely effective method for killing bed bugs? It is! In fact, with one bed bug heat treatment, our team of bed bug control pros will have the affected area of your home or business completely free of bed bugs.  An eco-friendly bed bug treatment option, heat will exterminate adult bed bugs, nymphs and eggs which means you won't have to worry about bed bug bites after we're done.  If you're noticing signs of bed bugs in your home or have received complaints from customers, please contact American Pest today for the best in bed bug control in McLean, Virginia.  

Rat And Mouse Control for mclean VA 

When it comes to rodents in your home or business, the bottom line is they shouldn't be there.  Stop the rodent invasion with help from American Pest!  Our rodent control services in McLean, Virginia include: 

Rodent Control- Our latest pest control offering, the rodent control program is designed specifically to get rid of mice and rats and to keep them out.  It includes an initial inspection, implementation of rodent exclusion techniques, installation of rodent bait stations and rodent treatment focuses on both the inside and outside of the dwelling. Follow up treatments are also included. 

Insect & Rodent Control Program- For year-round protection from rodents and insects, American Pest offers our Preferred Care home pest control programs.  Eliminate and prevent rodent infestations in your home with this comprehensive plan. 

Commercial Rodent Control- A pest management solution designed for commercial  and industrial facilities, our commercial rodent control services include an assessment of the facility and grounds to determine the scope of the rodent problem.  Based on those findings, our team mice and rat exterminators will implement a strategy that may include rodent bait stations, rodent traps, treatment of burrows, exclusion techniques and other rodent control methods as needed. 


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