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Oktoberfest And Pest Control For Brewers:

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In D.C., Maryland, and Virginia many brewers feature German-style beer during their Oktoberfest celebrations. Restauranteurs serve

traditional German fares such as pretzels, sausages, and roast chicken. And where there is food, beverage, and merriment, crowds will amass—as will pests.

As a brewer, you know that keeping your brewery clean and properly storing your ingredients is a responsible component of pest prevention. You control the environment to your standards. However, when you host an Oktoberfest outdoors or at a new location, you lose the span of control over the environment your operations serve. New pest problems crop up unexpectedly in uncontrolled surroundings, putting your brew, food, and patrons at risk.

In this eBook, you'll find valuable information and tips from expert entomologists, aimed at helping you to identify and remedy three major pests with the greatest potential to wreak havoc on your Oktoberfest festivities. Jam-packed with educational tips and suggestions to manage rodents, stinging insects, and flies at your next event.


Making your brewery and your Oktoberfest events inhabitable is your first step to keeping vermin and insects out of your space and away from your product.


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