Pest Control In Parole, MD

Parole is a much sought after suburb located outside Annapolis, Maryland. Today this suburb is an affluent community, but that wasn’t always the case, in fact, Parole has received its name because of its past history as a parole camp during the Civil War. To protect your Parole home or business from invading Maryland pests trust the experts at American Pest. We have been protecting properties from annoying, dangerous, damaging and invasive pest since 1925! We are a modern pest control company that provides the eco-friendly, modern pest control services that are needed to protect both Parole’s property and residents. Contact American Pest today to learn more.

Residential Pest Control Services In Parole, MD

What is the best way to protect your home and family from the insects, rodents and other pests that also call Parole, MD home? The answer is easy! Put into place a year-round residential pest control plan from the Maryland pest experts at American Pest. Through our S.T.A.R approach to pest management, our highly trained and experienced professionals will provide you with the services you need to maintain a pest-free home all year long. Our professionals will come to your property and conduct a thorough survey, they will then provide a customized treatment, analyze the outcome to ensure positive results, and finally, we report our results back to you in order to help prevent future problems with pests. Choose from one of our very effective year-round residential pest control plans and never have to worry about the damages that Maryland pests can cause to your home again.

  • Preferred Care- Through seasonal treatments (4 per year) our preferred care plan protects homes from over 30 common pests, seals pest entry points, offers rodent monitoring and control, and provides the rapid treatment of existing pest problems. 

  • Preferred Care Plus- This plan provides our customers with everything that is included in our above Preferred Care plan, plus the addition of termite monitoring. 

  • Preferred Care Complete- Our most inclusive plan includes everything that is in the Preferred Care Plus plan, along with the addition of termite control services that work to eliminate termites from your home and property.

Give us a call to learn more about our innovative, budget-friendly and effective residential pest control plans!

How To Get Rid Of Gnats In Parole, MD

Gnats are a tiny species of fly that are often mistaken for fruit flies, these black insects only grow to be about 1/8th of an inch in length and have long antennae and legs. They feed on algae, fungus, and plant roots and are often a problem inside homes with houseplants, especially houseplants that are over-watered! Luckily these pests are just a nuisance for people and aren’t known to cause any health concerns, but they are a concern for plants because their larvae often feed on and cause damage to their roots. The best way to eliminate these pests from your Parole home is to stop over-watering your houseplants and of course, contact the pest control professionals at American Pest! Our professionals will present you with our many pest control options and help you decide which option is best to eliminate gnats and other invading pests from your property. Don’t live with these tiny, annoying, uninvited houseguests for another day, when this problem can be solved with a call to American Pest!

Commercial Pest Control Services Available In Parole, MD

Trust the pest control experts who have been protecting Maryland businesses from pests for over 80 years, American Pest. At American Pest, we are committed to serving our commercial customers and ensuring that they receive industry-leading, effective, tailored pest control services. We are QualityPro Green accredited by the National Pest Management Association and our ProCare program offers the most comprehensive commercial pest control services available. In addition to our ProCare program which provides customers with a professional survey of your property, the targeted treatment of pests, the analysis of treatment outcomes, a report detailing our findings and more; we provide the following services to protect Parole, MD commercial properties:

Contact us today to get started protecting your business from pests with the help of Maryland’s best American Pest!

How To Spot Carpenter Ant Damage In Parole, MD

Second, only to the termite, carpenter ants can cause extensive and expensive damages to properties in Parole if they are not quickly stopped and prevented against. The best way to limit the damages that they can cause in your home or business is to know what the signs of carpenter ant damages are so that you can contact American Pest as quickly as possible. After a thorough inspection by one of our expertly trained professionals, we will put together a plan of action and provide the services needed to completely eradicate these pests. Signs of carpenter ant damages include:

  • Wood, walls, or furniture that sound hollow when they are tapped on and that can easily be penetrated.

  • The inside of structural wood having wide, irregular galleries that are smooth-surfaced and that are free of debris.

  • Trails of sawdust that are found where the carpenter ants have bored holes into the wood.

  • These sawdust trails are often found next to foundations, in basement areas and around plumbing.

  • When it is quiet if carpenter ants have invaded your property and are causing damage, you will hear a faint crunching sound behind walls, above ceilings, or under floors.

If you notice any of the above signs or see large black ants wandering around your home, especially in kitchen and pantry areas where they tend to forage for food, or just have a hunch that your property has been invaded by carpenter ants, contact the carpenter ant control experts at American Pest!


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