Pest Control Services In Parole, MD

When insects, rodents, and wildlife get into Parole homes and businesses, they can create many problems. Some are a nuisance. Some transmit harmful diseases and spread bacteria and parasites. Some are destructive to man-made structures and the items stored inside. While there is a short list of seriously dangerous pests, such as mosquitoes, ticks, mice, rats, and cockroaches, there is a much longer list that should not be ignored. There are far too many issues that can arise when pests get into your Parole home or business. The team at American Pest can help you keep more than 30 common Parole, MD pests from invading your property. For immediate assistance, reach out to us today!

Residential Pest Control Services In Parole, MD

An effective residential pest control plan begins with the complete removal of pests from the interior of your home. That is where we begin. Our team uses the most advanced methods and products to eliminate current infestations. Once this is complete, we turn our attention to your exterior. With routine treatments applied to the foundation perimeter of your home, pest populations will be reduced. This means you'll have fewer pests trying to get in.
  • Preferred Care — With this base package you get coverage for over 30 common pests. This service comes with quarterly service visits and year-round pest control. 
  • Preferred Care Plus —  Step up to this package if you want monitoring for subterranean termite activity. Preferred Care Plus gives you coverage for 30 common pests, PLUS protection from subterranean termites. You don't have to let those sneaky, wood-destroying pests catch you by surprise. 
  • Preferred Care Complete — If ongoing, always active termite control is what you're looking for, this package has what you need. You get all the coverage of Preferred Care along with the installation of the Sentricon® System with Always Active™. 
Get started with effective residential pest control from American Pest by scheduling a free in-home pest control estimate. We are here to help.

How To Get Rid Of Gnats In Parole, MD

We help home and business owners in Parole, MD get relief from pest problems, no matter how big or how small. Gnats fall into both categories. They are small pests that can become a big problem. Gnats can reproduce very quickly and breed in some surprising locations. It doesn't take long for a swarm to develop. Before you know it, you have tiny black specks flying, crawling and perching everywhere you look. How does gnat control work? We deal with this pest problem the same way we do most pest problems:
  • One of our highly educated and experienced experts will do a detailed inspection and determine areas that are conducive for breeding and feeding.
  • Your pest management professional will discuss treatment options with you and lock down what will be needed to address the infestation.
  • Your pest management professional will systematically apply treatments to eliminate gnats and address all breeding sites.
  • If necessary, a follow-up visit will be scheduled to make sure that the issue has been resolved.
Gnats can be extremely frustrating. Get control of gnats with a little help from the friendly professionals here at American Pest.   

Commercial Pest Control Services Available In Parole, MD

No matter what your business, pests can be a threat to your bottom line. When pests get into businesses, they can damage property, contaminate foods, destroy stored goods, make employees and customers sick, lower morale and spread illnesses, to name just a few of the many issues they cause. At American Pest, we give businesses and municipalities the support they need to mitigate the threat pests present with our commercial pest control services.
With American Pest you get:
  • Top-rated pest management service
  • Support from a QualityPro- and GreenPro-accredited team
  • A pest control program that meets and exceeds government regulatory standards
  • The experience of a pest management company that is almost a century old
  • Environmentally-friendly pest control solutions first
  • The installation and maintenances of state-of-the-art pest control products like Anticimex SMART
  • Up-to-the-second digital reporting and the ability to export pest control data for audits
  • LEED credits
Don't settle for anything less than the best. At American Pest, we employ board-certified entomologists, nationally recognized industry experts and over 100 expertly trained pest management professionals. We can give you the support you deserve!

How To Spot Subterranean Termite Damage In Parole, MD

It is extremely difficult to detect subterranean termite damage because these insects feed on the inside of wood, rarely exposing themselves to the light. If you see damage that termites are doing to your Parole home or business, it is likely to be in a dark, damp location. Keep in mind that carpenter ants can make damage that looks like termite damage and carpenter ants are also drawn to dark, damp locations. 
How to tell the difference between subterranean termite damage and carpenter ant damage:
  • Carpenter ant tunnels and trenches are smooth to the touch. Subterranean termites bring soil into their tunnels.
  • In areas where termite damage is found, there will also be shelter tubes present. These tubes look like squiggly mud lines.
Over time, subterranean termite damage can be seen in the form of bulging walls, dipping ceilings, sinking floors, and doors and windows that stick or open and close freely. But by the time that this damage begins to appear, it is too late. Don't wait until you see damage. Protect your Parole, MD property from destructive eastern subterranean termites with the Sentricon® System and its Always Active™ technology. American Pest is a Certified Sentricon® Installer. Reach out to us today and request a consultation or schedule your professional termite control service. We can help you protect your investment from infestment. 

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