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If you work for a college or university with campus housing, you understand that there are a variety of pests that could invade each of your facilities. From ants to rodents, each of these pests pose a potential threat to your students and your campus. 

Many pests commonly discovered throughout dormitories threaten, not only student retention but also student health. Here, we will discuss the most common dormitory pests, along with how you can take a few steps to ensure you are protecting your facilities from them. 

Most Common Dorm Pests

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Ants are a problem in most residential facilities because they infest buildings quickly and they are difficult to eradicate. They will commonly infest dorms after discovering a food source they want to share with the rest of their colony, sending an alert via pheromone trail to inform the others.  Ants don't pose a serious health threat to your students. However, with rapidly growing colonies, ant infestations can quickly frustrate students.

  Many different flies could infest dormitories by simply gaining access through ripped window screens. Along with that, many dorm rooms have set temperatures throughout each building to save on electricity and students may often open their windows for some fresh air, making it that much easier for flies and other flying insects to gain access to the facility. You may consider flies a nuisance pest, however, they can transmit many diseases. In fact, the common house fly alone can transmit at least 65 diseases to humans.

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Bed Bugs
Cockroaches commonly invade dormitories in their search for moisture, shelter, and food.  This pest quickly concerns residents due to their creepy appearance but most importantly for their health and safety concerns. They can spread over 30 different types of bacteria and are even known to trigger asthma attacks. Needless to say, this is not a pest issue you want your students dealing with while staying on campus. 

  The dreaded bed bug infestation is not one we wish on anyone. However, they are prevalent in dormitories due to higher traffic from different homes. With many belongings and beds to sleep in, their new room provides the perfect breeding grounds. Bed bugs do not transmit disease; however, their bites can leave red itchy welts after feeding. It is essential for colleges and universities to quickly gain control of any bed bug infestation to ensure it doesn't spread to surrounding dorm rooms or get transferred to other buildings on campus. 

rodents in md, va & dc

Perhaps the most frightening pest found in dorms—mice and rats—invade facilities in search of food, water, and shelter. Not only will they frighten residents, but they also pose a health risk as they carry a number of serious diseases and parasites or could even damage students belongings. Unfortunately, rodents are difficult to eradicate as dormitories provide them with many places to hide and an abundance of resources.

Tips To Control Pests In Dorms

These are just a few tips that we would recommend to better manage a pest situation in dorms. These tips alone will not singularly solve your pest problems and should not replace a current IPM protocol. If you currently have a pest problem, please contact a pest professional for assistance. 

  • Place many public trash cans around buildings on campus and ensure that your staff empties them daily
  • Keep dumpsters at least 50 ft away from each building 
  • Ensure that leaks are quickly reported and fixed
  • Ensure that window screens are checked each season for tears
  • Install door sweeps on all external doors
  • Educate Residential Assistants (RA's) and advise them to regularly inspect dorm rooms for risk factors such as trash and storing food in unsealed containers. 
  • Educate Residents on the importance of a clean facility

keeping dorms clean in md, va & dc To assist in educating your residents of the importance of keeping the facility clean, download the PDF for Dorm residents by completing the form. This 1-page download is easy for you to provide to your RA's to place around the facilities or email to your residents. 


Contacting A Pest Professional

American Pest has been protecting colleges and universities across Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. from ants and other pests for almost a century. With our experienced technicians and access to the latest pest elimination technology at our disposal, we can solve any pest problem you may be facing.

If you’re an administrator or other higher education professional that wants to create a pest-free environment for students, contact American Pest today to find out how regular treatments can keep your campus protected.


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