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What is integrated pest management (IPM)?

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) combines common-sense practices with years of pest control experience to recognize when which pests are most active and prevent them from entering the home before they become a problem. This practice is more effective, environmentally friendly, and safer for families and pets than previous popular pest control methods.

Can American help me to identify an insect?

Yes. The Entomological department at American Pest is equipped with a lab and the resources to identify your insect. Simply place your insect(s) in a small container (do not use ziplock bags or envelopes as the bugs will be crushed into indistinguishable pieces) and mail it to:

American Pest
Attn: Entomology
11820 West Market Place
Fulton, MD 20759

Please enclose your full name, email and phone number so that we can get back to you with our findings. Allow 3-5 business days for our response as we are often busy handling similar requests.

How do I prepare for a flea treatment?

In order to receive the most success from your upcoming flea treatment, please follow the guidelines listed in our flea treatment preparation checklist.

Do you use herbicides when treating for bugs?

Herbicides are chemicals that kill plants or inhibit their normal growth. They are used widely in agriculture and turf management and therefore, we do not use them. We use pesticides, chemicals that kill pests or repel them from your home or place of business. Our pesticides are not harmful towards plants and help keep pests from inhabiting them.

Some of the bugs you're seeing in your garden are actually beneficial to your plants. Click here to find out more about some organic solutions to help your garden thrive. If you feel you still need assistance, please contact us to schedule an inspection.

Does American Pest provide treatment for slugs?

Slugs can be a pest. Unfortunately, slugs, cutworms, and sawflies are considered a lawn care problem and are not treated by American Pest. For treatment options, contact a Lawn Care provider to help get rid of your problem.

How will American Pest protect the privacy of my business?

At American Pest, we understand that brand reputation is of utmost importance, which is why client confidentiality is our number one priority. American Pest professionals will maintain your privacy from the very first contact and in all practices and procedures during the normal course of doing business with you. To that end, we take every relationship seriously and will extend our policy of confidentiality to all of our clients.

Does American Pest treat for mites?

No. It is not recommended to treat dust mites with insecticides. These mites feed on the dead skin cells that make up household dust, which is where they get their name. They can cause allergic reactions in some people and are sometimes confused with bed bugs. Dust mites and bed bugs, however, are treated in completely different ways. (Click here to learn more about bed bugs). The best way to rid your home of dust mites is through thoroughly washing and vacuuming carpets, linens, pillows, mattresses and other fabrics in the home.  

What kind of guarantee does American Pest offer?

American Pest stands by its Pest Free Pledge: If Pests Return; So Do We! In the event that an unexpected pest problem arises before your next regular service, American Pest will come out and take care of it at no additional cost to you.

Does American Pest provide organic treatments for pests?

There are many eco-friendly pest control options available. Talk to your American Pest representative about which treatment is right for you.

I have pets, are your treatments pet-friendly?

We understand that you love your pets; so do we! We just need to know what kind of pets you have and where they are located. Help keep your pets safe by following our recommended guidelines prior to treatment.

Does American Pest treat for Japanese Beetles?

Adult Japanese beetles feed on a variety of plants common to Maryland lawn and gardens. During the larval stage, the Japanese beetle lives beneath the soil surface, feeding on the roots of your lawn. Severe damage to leaves, shrubs and trees by adult beetles occurs over a fairly short period of time (4 or so weeks) beginning in mid to late June. Leaves damaged by the Japanese beetle will appear lace-like while lawns under stress of the summer sun will become dry and dead in patches where the grubs are feeding. The American Elm, Black walnut, Cherry and a variety of rose bushes are among the top targeted by these damaging plant pests.

American Pest recommends contacting your local lawn care company for information on controlling Japanese beetle populations around your home.

Does American Pest treat for moles?

Moles are mammals that prefer to make their homes in the ground. They tunnel beneath the surface of the soil feeding on earthworms and other lawn and garden pests. While they are considered a nuisance pest they are not harmful to humans and are best treated by a reputable lawn care company.

I need help controlling the wildlife on my property! Is there anything you can do?

We’re sorry, but at this time, we do not provide trapping services for snakes, raccoons, squirrels, opossums, salamanders, chipmunks, deer or other wildlife. We can refer you to TRAPPRO, a local company that will be happy to serve your wildlife management needs.

I have children and pets. What does American Pest do to keep families safe during treatments?

American Pest takes every precaution to ensure your family is not put at risk while our technicians work inside and around your home. The customer service representatives are sure to inform you of any precautions you need to make before the technician arrives. Once inside your home, American only uses pest control products that have been tested and labeled for use by the EPA, in strict adherence to the safety and MSDS labels, which can be viewed here.  In addition, American Pest’s integrated pest management practices call for an emphasis on treating home exteriors, to prevent pest populations from entering the house. If pests have already established a presence inside the home, American’s technicians will custom-design a targeted interior protection program to be provided on an as-needed basis. For some helpful tips to keep your pets safe during treatment, click here to view our answers.

Does American Pest provide service for raccoons?

At this time, American Pest does not provide wildlife trapping services for animals such as raccoon, squirrel, opossum, chipmunk, or deer.

Does American Pest provide treatment for ground hogs?

Groundhogs fall under the category of wildlife and treatment is subjected to humane trapping laws. American Pest does not treat for wildlife such as groundhogs, squirrels, raccoons, vole, or opossums. We do recommend and refer all wildlife inquiries to TrapPro.  In Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC, call 1-800-651-TRAP (8727).

Are your treatments safe for pets?

We always take great consideration for the safety of pets. There are various pest control treatment protocols and American Pest can assure you that we employ tools and methods that we believe will satisfy your concerns with regards to family pets such as cats, dogs and aquatic life. Please notify your American Pest representative of any concerns that you may have.

Do you offer Saturday appointments?

American Pest operates Monday through Friday, from 8am-5: 30 pm. As a family owned and operated company, we believe in offering our employees time off to spend with their own families on the weekends. In the event that you have an emergency that requires service outside our regular operating hours, please call our 24-hour Customer Care Center at 301-891-2600.

Can I buy do-it-yourself pest control products directly from American Pest?

American Pest no longer operates a retail store for the purchase and shipment of Do-It-Yourself pest control products. We apologize for the inconvenience. For more information on products that have been used for treatment on your property by an American Pest professional, please review the labels and SDS section of our website, or feel free to contact us.



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