American Pest Stops Insects & Rodents 

American Pest, a family owned and operated pest control company offers highly effective, yet eco-friendly pest control in Sterling, Virginia.  At American Pest we understand the pest problems facing home and business owners in Sterling and take pride in helping property owners achieve and maintain pest free environments.  Ideal for homes, apartment complexes, food and beverage processing plants, hotels, and other commercial facilities, our pest management programs are designed to resolve unwanted insect and rodent problems using the latest pest control practices and techniques.   

Bed Bug Control In Sterling Virginia

Bed bugs are small, biting insects that are having a large, negative effect apartment buildings, hotels, college dorms, retail stores and other commercial facilities as well as residential dwellings.  In fact bed bugs one of the fastest growing pest problems in the U.S. and infestations are on the rise in Virginia, Maryland and DC.  At American Pest we are experienced bed bug exterminators in Sterling Virginia and are ready to help home and business owners get rid of bed bugs.  Our bed bug services include bed bug dog inspections and highly effective yet eco-friendly bed bug heat treatments.  If you've noticed tiny red bites on your skin or other signs of bed bugs, it's time to get help. Contact American Pest for bed bug control in Sterling!

Home Pest Control In Sterling VA

We could tell you how our home pest control services will get rid of insects and rodents.  We could also tell you how we help homeowners achieve and maintain pest free homes.  But we think you'd rather watch this video about our home pest control services.  

Sterling Pest Control For Businesses

For over 90 years American Pest has been providing the best in commercial pest control in Sterling and throughout the region.  Our program was developed to address the insects and rodents that are commonplace in businesses and commercial facilities in Sterling Virginia and will target your company’s pest problems while complying with your industry’s regulations.  Our commercial pest control solutions are ideal for a variety of businesses and industries in Northern Virginia including, but not limited to;

  • Schools, colleges and universities

  • Food and beverage processing plants

  • Government buildings

  • Hospitals, medical office buildings and other healthcare facilities

  • Hotels, motels and commercial lodgings

  • Restaurants and other types of foodservice businesses

  • Supermarkets and food retail

  • Boutiques and retail stores 

Our company uses the latest pest control and exterminating practices and techniques to protect your product and your brand. At American we also provide commercial bird control and other services that are geared towards helping commercial facilities stay pest free.

Sterling VA Termite Control 

Getting rid of termites is not an easy task and one that is best left to the professionals.  Simply killing any foraging termites in your home is not enough; you must also eliminate any termite colonies on or near your property.  Because termites are capable of causing extensive damage, they must be addressed immediately.  Fortunately for property owners in Sterling, American Pest is ready to eradicate any wood destroying insects that have infested your property.  Our pest control professionals are experienced in resolving termite problems and will implement a termite control program that will take care of any termite activity.  Learn more about our termite control services in Sterling or simply contact us with any questions. 


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