Stored Product Pest FAQ's

What kind of bug is in my pantry/cupboards?

Some common pantry pests include the grain weevil, Indian meal moth, the sawtooth grain beetle, drugstore beetle, and cigarette beetle. American Pest has experts on staff to answer any insect query so don’t hesitate to contact us if you cannot identify the pest in your pantry based on the information provided here.

What is a grain weevil?

Grain Weevils are insects that are about 1/8th inch in length and are distinguished from other beetles by their distinctive head which resembles a snout. Both adults and larvae feed on many different types of grain which include oatmeal, cereal, flour and other common pantry products.

What is a sawtooth grain beetle?

Sawtooth grain beetles are insects that are usually found in flour, sugar, nuts, seeds and dried fruit. Adult sawtooth grain beetles are about 1/10th of an inch long and are dark brown in color. They are characterized by a row of six saw-like projections on each side of their backs which can be seen using a magnifying glass.



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