Where Do Silverfish Hide?

There are a lot of bugs in the world. Some of them are quite exotic. There are bugs that look like twigs. Bugs that look like leaves. And bugs that look like--well--we don't even know what. But, among the group of bugs that prefer to dwell with humans, the silverfish is probably the most exotic. Its teardrop shape, shiny silver skin, and long appendages on its head and tail, give this insect an alien appearance that makes it look quite out of place inside our homes. But, most of the time, you're not going to see silverfish. This is both good and bad.

Is It Good That Silverfish Hide?

No one likes seeing alien bugs crawling around everywhere. So, it is kind of nice that silverfish tend to disappear quickly when the lights are turned on. But, this aversion to the light, combined with its need to be in moist locations, could allow a silverfish infestation to grow out of control in your home. If you're seeing one or two silverfish here and there, it is time to call a pest control company.

Where Do Silverfish Hide Inside A Home?

How many silverfish you see, will have to do with the environment inside your home. If you keep things clean and dry from top to bottom, silverfish are going to prefer to stay in your wall voids, rather than come out into the open. Here are a few places you're likely to find silverfish, and why:

  • The first place silverfish tend to turn up is in the basement, especially unfinished basements. Silverfish usually enter homes through entry points that are near the ground. Once inside, a basement usually offers what they're looking for: moisture and darkness.

  • Silverfish often appear in the bathroom. This is because bathrooms often have a high humidity or a water source. Silverfish will enjoy moisture in the air, droplets on the wall of the shower, tiny pools of liquid near the drains, and pipes that have condensation on them.

  • When silverfish make it up to an attic, they usually discover the most wonderful place in the world. Many attics have a high humidity and are filled with cardboard boxes. This will provide an ideal environment with lots of food options for silverfish.

  • Silverfish eat a wide range of foods. They are as content eating cornbread as they are wallpaper. This is because they consume starches. And they don't care if those starches are in your tapestries or a box of cereal. This will have silverfish exploring your kitchen and your pantry for a bite to eat. Since they can chew through cardboard and paper, no product that is contained in either will be safe from this pest.

  • Any room that has a layer of clothing on the floor will be inviting to silverfish. Silverfish prefer clutter and they can feed on starches in shirts, pants, socks, and other fabrics.

  • Silverfish love storage rooms, especially if there is moisture. As with attic spaces, silverfish don't just dine on what is inside your stored boxes, they'll dine on the boxes as well.

Where Do Silverfish Hide Outside A Home?

Moist soil and moist organic debris will be attractive to these bugs. Here are some of the locations near your home that silverfish may be found:

  • You're going to want to look low for silverfish. If they are near your exterior walls, it is likely that they will be underneath a deck, patio, or some other structure. They prefer the shade.

  • If you have bushes or shrubs that provide lots of shade, you might find silverfish in these locations, especially if there is moisture present.

  • When gutters get obstructed and water runs down the sides of a home, it can create conditions next to a home that are favorable for silverfish. If this is occurring in your home, you might have rotting wood, and you're sure to find silverfish there.

  • Stacked firewood, construction material, and other wood products are a likely location for silverfish.

  • If you have any object lying in your yard, you may find silverfish and other moisture pests hiding underneath.

If you're seeing silverfish, and you live in D.C., Maryland, or Northern Virginia, connect with us here at American Pest. We'll help you manage the pest pressures around your home, and create a barrier that will keep them out. No home is better with bugs. Get bug-free today.


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