Common Summer Pests Return To Winchester

Summer has returned to Winchester, which unfortunately means the return of numerous nuisance pests to homes and businesses. Whether it's box elder bugs, carpet beetles, stink bugs, or any of the numerous occasional invaders that call Frederick County home, American Pest has the tools to make them a thing of the past. Contact us today and find out why professional residential pest control from American Pest is the perfect catch-all solution to any pest problems you might be facing. 

Serving Winchester, VA Homes and Businesses for Over 90 Years

Winchester is a prominent northern Virginia city within Frederick County that offers its residents a safe, secure place to live and do business. However, that won’t stay true for long if pests have their way, invading homes and commercial properties and wreaking havoc in the process. Like all of Frederick County, Winchester residents may love the warm climate, but so do pests, putting them at risk for infestation all year-round. Protect your Winchester home or business from the pests that live in our area with help from Virginia's premier pest control company: American Pest.

For more than 90 years, our technicians have been providing modern, green, effective, and affordable services to eliminate pests of every shape and size from inside human dwellings and businesses. 

Have pests gotten inside your Winchester property? Contact us today to learn more about the wide variety of residential and commercial services that we have available to control your property’s pest issues and put an end to them for good. 

Residential Pest Control in Winchester, VA

Pests in Winchester never stop, so neither do we. Protect your family and pets from Virginia pests no matter when they might strike with professional pest management services from American Pest. 

For over 90 years, our expert team has protected homes in Winchester and across the state with safe and effective pest control solutions designed to be effective at eliminating pests today and into the future. American Pest treats homes using the S.T.A.R. approach: Surveying the property, Targeting any pests present, Analyzing the results of each treatment, and Reporting those results to you.

Our Preferred Care Plans offer comprehensive, eco-friendly pest control solutions. Protect your home year-round from over 30 common household pests and receive expert help from our team to ensure pests never become a problem in the future. 

All of our Preferred Care Plans include our pest-free pledge which states that if pests return between our scheduled visits so will we for free! Give us a call to learn more about our different year-round pest control plans and find the one that’s perfect for your Winchester home!

Pest Protection for Your Winchester, VA Commercial Facility

Rodents, ants, spiders, roaches, flies, and other pests can be a nightmare when they are allowed to invade businesses and commercial properties. Between the destroyed inventory, scared customers, and tanked reputation, pests are a universal problem that every business needs to be aware of if they hope to stay in business for long. 

Don’t leave your business or commercial property at risk of the damages and dangers pest infestations bring. Contact the professionals at American Pest for help. Over the decades we’ve been in operation, we have worked diligently with our staff entomologists to develop commercial pest control programs that are safe, effective, and customizable enough to seamlessly fit your unique requirements.

Our ProCare program utilizes our S.T.A.R. approach to commercial pest management. When you receive pest management services from American Pest, one of our technicians will:

  • Survey your property to help find pest entry points and areas of activity

  • Target these pests with safe yet effective treatment methods

  • Analyze the results of treatment

  • Report his or her findings to you 

And if pests return in-between treatments, just call our 24-hour Customer Care Center for help, and we’ll come back out to re-treat at no additional charge. We are a QualityPro Green company accredited by the National Pest Management Association. No one is better suited to protect your Winchester business from pests than American Pest; call us today and find out why.

Protect Your Friends And Family in Winchester, VA From Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are a common yet annoying pest across Virginia in the spring, summer, and fall. Unfortunately, they’re also incredibly difficult to eliminate without professional help, leaving countless homeowners across Winchester homeowners to suffer through buzzing and bites any time they want to spend time outdoors. 

Take back your yard from mosquitoes with the help of the mosquito control professionals here at American Pest. Our 3-step program will work to quickly reduce mosquito numbers found living, breeding, and resting on your Winchester property. 

Our mosquito treatment process includes:

  • A thorough inspection of your entire property to identify breeding locations

  • Monthly applications of a specialized mosquito repellent treatment using our unique misting system

  • Treatment of mosquito breeding areas with a biological larvicide to stop the development of larvae

Over time, this system ensures not only that the adult mosquitoes already buzzing around your yard are eliminated, but also that the eggs they’ve already laid can’t hatch and repeat the cycle. Stop the buzzing today: contact us and learn more about our mosquito control program and how we can quickly start reducing mosquito populations on your Winchester, Virginia property!

Bed Bug Prevention Tips in Winchester, VA

Bed bugs are parasitic pests known to keep Virginia residents up at night when they invade. Typically, they get into homes by hitching a ride on clothing, luggage, furniture, or even on the backs of humans and pets. Unfortunately, as they can inhabit almost any public place, they can be very difficult to prevent without taking specific steps in order to minimize your risk.

The best way to keep them at bay? Professional inspection, every time! Even once they’re inside, they can be difficult to track down. One of the best tips to prevent a large scale infestation from occurring on your Winchester property is to schedule regular bed bug inspections for your home or business. 

At American Pest, we use the best noses in the business: the noses of our bed bug dogs. Our K-9 inspectors can sniff out bed bugs anywhere they might be hiding. Our dogs are able to inspect areas that human inspectors simply can’t reach. With the knowledge of where all the bed bugs are hiding, our technicians can treat the entire infestation completely, ensuring it does not re-emerge when the survivors recuperate their numbers. 

After the inspection, our professionals will work with you to develop a treatment strategy that is tailored to your specific property, and that will completely eradicate bed bugs where they are identified. Contact American Pest to schedule a bed bug inspection for your Winchester property!


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