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10 / 19 / 17
tick climbing on leaf

Tips To Avoid Ticks This Fall

Fall is a great time to enjoy your backyard. Isn't it? The cooler temperatures make hanging out around a fire pit much cozier. The leaves are all turning yellow, orange, and red. And backyard games that require you to run around are going to be a…

Tags: lyme disease  |  mosquito and tick control  |  tick prevention tips

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10 / 18 / 17

Rodent Awareness Week 2017

Welcome to Rodent Awareness Week, which is October 22-28th and is used to help spread awareness about the threats posed by rodents. We want to take this as an opportunity to inform you of the many threats associated with these pests and what you…

Tags: rodents  |  NPMA  |  Mice and Rats  |  rodent awareness week

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10 / 16 / 17
termites near maryland home

Avoid Termites This Fall With American Pest

The cold weather is on its way, but that doesn’t mean we can stop worrying about termites. If you have a termite infestation, the cold weather will have little or no impact on a colony because there are termites still inside your temperature…

Tags: termite inspection and monitoring  |  termite control in md and dc and nova  |  sentricon® system with always active™

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10 / 11 / 17
earwig up close

Why Earwigs Invade Our Homes In The Fall

Do you get an invasion of earwigs every fall? Do they start appearing in your basement or, worse, in other areas of your home? Then it only makes sense that you would ask why. These are creepy bugs with a creepy reputation of crawling into the…

Tags: earwig facts  |  year-round pest control in md  |  pest professionals

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