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06 / 24 / 17
tick found on grass

How Do Ticks Get Lyme Disease?

You are probably aware that ticks are not born with Lyme disease. They do not emerge from their egg sacks with this harmful disease that can cause lifelong health complications for humans. Lyme disease is not passed from tick to tick through the…

Tags: Lyme Disease  |  home and commercial pest control  |  tick and mosquito control

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06 / 21 / 17
people love us on yelp 2017 award recipient badge graphic american pest

"People Love Us On Yelp" 2017 Award Recipient

American Pest is pleased to announce that it has received the 2017 "People Love Us On Yelp" Award! This award only represents a fraction of businesses, each who have received numerous trusted reviews that averaged a high ranking. American Pest is…

Tags: pest control reviews  |  customer reviews  |  American Pest news  |  Yelp  |  Awards

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06 / 20 / 17

What mosquito repellents work best?

Mosquito season is here, and they aren't holding back on biting. With the threat of numerous mosquito-borne viruses, it is important to wear mosquito repellent when spending time outdoors. Especially during their peak activity at dusk and dawn…

Tags: Pest Prevention  |  DEET  |  bug spray  |  insect repellent

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06 / 19 / 17
ants eating sugar on counter inside maryland home

Avoid Ants in 5 Easy Steps

Discovering an ant infestation around your Maryland home can be a real pain. You see one, but then discover a whole trail of them marching one by one through your kitchen. DIY treatment may seem effective, however, if you miss just one ant, you…

Tags: DIY Tips  |  ants  |  how to get rid of ants  |  ant prevention tips

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