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03 / 24 / 17

Pollinator or Pest?

It's yellow and black, and buzzing about; but is it here to help? Read on to find out!

Tags: honey bee  |  baldfaced hornet  |  bees  |  yellow jacket control and prevention  |  Identification

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03 / 24 / 17

Got Tiny Red Bugs?

If it's small as a pin head and bright red, it's a clover mite. Read more about these annoying pests:

Tags: clover mites  |  clover mite facts  |  clover mite prevention tips

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03 / 24 / 17

Know Before You Go: Zika and Spring Break

Along with warm weather vacations comes an annoying pest: mosquitoes. Are you at risk of contracting Zika during your spring break vacation? Read more to find out the risk levels of popular destinations in the U.S., Bahamas, and Mexico.

Tags: mosquitoes  |  Zika virus  |  spring break travel

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03 / 22 / 17

How To Save The Bees and Protect Your Home

While altogether rare, discovering a honeybee hive in the wall of a home or garage causes many homeowners to panic and immediately look for a way to eliminate them. We understand that you don’t want children playing near a hive and that you…

Tags: bee hives  |  How-to  |  Stinging Insect  |  bees  |  bee control  |  Save The Bees

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