2012: This Year in Stink Bugs



Our yearly dose of stink bugs in the Mid-Atlantic region so far this year pales in comparison to the record breaking numbers of 2010. That year, numbers were so high that federal regulators allowed the use of certain pesticides normally not approved for orchards to try and save what harvest they could.

Thankfully, this year has proven to be less of an issue, though problems remain. Stemming from the mild temperatures we have had since the winter of 2011, stink bugs have made a comeback. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Frederick County, Maryland has seen a 60 percent increase in stink bug activity this year from last year.

For farmers, stink bugs can be incredibly detrimental. These agricultural pests can be so numerous as to destroy whole harvests. Unfortunately, apple season is upon us in the DC, Maryland and Virginia areas and these bugs enjoy fruit trees as a part of their diet. When stink bugs eat, they use their mouth parts to suck juice out of the fruit while injecting a bit of their own saliva which causes the fruit to rot, thus making it impossible to sell.

As the cold weather continues to roll in across the region, these bugs will move from the orchards to homes as a safe place to spend the winter. If your house is not properly sealed, stink bugs will enter easily and cause headaches as homeowners attempt to get rid of these large, clunky pests.

Stink bugs are not harmful to humans but can accumulate in large numbers in houses which is sure to be annoying at the very least.

Keeping stink bugs out before they get in is the best way to solve a stink bug problem. American Pest is prepared to help reduce the number of stink bugs in your life through Integrated Pest Management. Contact one of our friendly customer service representatives today to learn more.




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