Are You Smarter Than A Mouse?



No, this isn't an article revealing the findings of some ground-breaking psychological experiment. And, you don't have to worry about being tested on things you could never possibly know, like math facts you learned when you were ten years old. How fair would that be? That's right, producers of Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader--we're looking at you. All kidding aside. Our goal isn't to make you laugh at how much you've forgotten over the years. We're here to teach you about pests, and let's face it, this can be a dry subject at times. But, pest animals can pose a serious threat to a family because they bring in diseases, harmful bacteria and parasites, and this can make life miserable. So, we try hard to put helpful information out to you in a way that is fun and memorable. In that spirit, here are some ways mice may be outsmarting you in your home.

Did you hear noises in the wall, but now they're gone? That mouse may be outsmarting you. It is natural to think that when you catch a few mice in a few traps and don't hear mice in your walls anymore, that you have fixed your problem. But this may not be the case. Just because you don't hear mice, doesn't mean you don't have mice. Mice don't have to make noises in your walls. Usually, the only reason a homeowner will hear mice in the walls is because those mice are crawling down past a bedroom. These are nocturnal creatures that become active just as most people are going to sleep. If you killed off the mouse that was traveling down from your attic, there is no assurance that you don't have mice living nearer to your pantry or kitchen. If you want to know that you don't have mice anymore, it is important to seal up all points of access into your home.

Do you know for sure you have a mouse, but your traps aren't catching anything? That mouse may be outsmarting you. If you want to catch a mouse, you need to know how mice travel. These are creatures that prefer to run along the wall. If you want to catch a mouse in your kitchen, you'll need to put the mouse trap against the wall, so your mouse runs into it as it scurries along. If you're trying to catch mice under your kitchen sink or in a cabinet, more is better. Mice are skittish and fast. If a trap springs and they are able to evade it, you'll get them with one of the other traps.

If you seal up those entry points and lay your traps in an effective way, you can outsmart those mice and keep your family safe. For larger infestations or to make sure your home is pest free and free of contaminants, give American Pest a call. Our experts know how mice think, and can help you keep them out of your home.


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