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It never fails, every Christmas there is always that one gift that we just didn’t want. There is a terrible gift, however, to top all terrible gifts. A  gift that anyone could pass to others most importantly a gift that none of us want— Bed bugs!!

How You Could Get Bed Bugs During The Holidays

During the holiday season, our homes see more visitors than usual and we often do more traveling than we normally would. Both of which happen to be extremely common ways of bringing bed bugs into the house. Bed bugs are some of the best hitchhikers around and can show up just about anywhere. It could be as easy as the morning commute on the bus, at the hotel we stayed at, or in a piece of furniture we sat on in a waiting room. As we unknowingly come into contact with bed bugs, they climb onto clothes and into luggage just waiting to be taken to their new destination. One of the frustrating things about bed bugs is that they are so small they oftentimes hide away in creases, folds, and stitching without being seen.

Challenges of DIY Bed Bug Control

As mentioned before, bed bugs can be small! They often hide in places we will never see including walls, crevices, cracks, and inside of furniture, like box springs and mattresses. Without the proper detection equipment and the knowledge of where to look, It’s nearly impossible to find all of the bed bugs and their eggs on our own. If you were lucky enough to find them, bed bugs can be extremely tolerant to everyday pesticides, making them quite stubborn to eradicate on your own.

Professional K9 Bed Bug Inspections

American Pest’s bed bug control service is a sure way to feel confident that your home is pest free. There are several steps to eradicating bed bugs, all of which the professionals at American Pest are well versed in. American Pest uses the superior ability of canines to detect infestations. Canine noses are two times more effective than any other method at seeking out a bed bug problem, and they can usually conduct a full search in just fractions of the time. A bed bug detection dog causes no interruption to the home and minimal disruption to its occupants during a search. Also, dogs can detect bed bugs in the midst of clutter, under rugs, in upholstery and many more places that a person would have a much harder time with.

Professional Bed Bug Control

At American Pest, we understand that each case is unique which is why we offer a variety of inspection and treatment options. Heat treatment, a treatment in which the room temperature is raised to the point that kills bed bugs, is a popular answer to many bed bug infestations. Heat treatments are effective in killing all stages of bed bug life. Heat has the ability to reach places that most people can’t and has the ability to penetrate cracks and walls as well as reach in and under places we generally cannot. Generally, heat treatment only lasts one day and requires only one treatment to fully eradicate bed bugs. Most importantly, heat treatments are safe and environmentally friendly. American Pest also offers conventional insecticide treatments that are sure to kill bugs on contact. Should you find yourself fighting a bed bug problem, or wondering if you have one, call American Pest today. If you are interested in more information about bed bugs, as well as other pests, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our pest professionals and we will be happy to help!



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