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Imagine the end of the world has come, you've been backpacking for days, and your food supplies are completely gone. All you've seen for 48 hours is a long stretch of road and a few abandoned cars. Then, off in the distance, you see a home. Hope wells in your chest. And, though you're tired, you break into a run. This could be your chance to find something to eat or drink. This home might be the difference between living and dying. If you scour that home from top to bottom and don't find a single scrap of food, are you going to stay? Of course not. What if you see a home across the street? This is almost exactly what is going through a bug's mind, whether it realizes it or not. If it has come to your home in search of food and liquid, and doesn't find any, is it going to stay?

Okay. So how do you get rid of pests? You need to get rid of all the decaying food matter that bugs eat--and keep it gone. That means lots and lots of elbow grease, and setting up rules on where people can eat in the house. It means sliding the oven out and scrubbing the sides with a wire brush. It requires daily dedication and focused willpower. It means keeping the trash can sealed, and cleaning all the counters. You'll need to vacuum the rugs daily and make sure no one leaves dishes stacked next to the sink. Put those dishes in soapy water to soak instead. Stored foods will have to be taken out of paper and cardboard containers and put into sealed, hard plastic containers. You'll have to be the fruit police. No one can leave a banana, apple, or pear laying on a table or counter. All food has to be contained.

To a cockroach, a splatter of grease from the hamburger you made on Tuesday is a tasty treat. To a fly, the crumbs that fell on the floor when you ripped the toast from the toaster and put them on your plate to be buttered, are like chunks of bread. If you have a sticky spot on the floor where the orange juice splattered, that decaying, sugary sweetness is a beacon for ants and other insects. But you can keep them from staying in your home if you keep it deep cleaned. This is the natural way to keep those bugs from infesting.

There is, however, another course of action. It requires a lot less cleaning, and a whole lot less vigilance. When you partner with a pest management company like American Pest, they seal your walls, so very few--if any--pests can get in. They stop those bugs before they're crawling around on your kitchen counters, and spreading illness. They help you make modifications to your exterior walls and yard to make your property uninviting to pests in a natural way, and only use pesticides in limited areas that are vulnerable to entry.

So, can you get rid of bugs naturally? Yes. But it is a whole lot easier when you have a pest control company helping you.


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