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Cockroaches are a misunderstood pest. Sure. They're nasty. There is no misunderstanding about that. But when it comes to stopping cockroaches from coming into a home, most homeowners are at a loss. We all know that keeping things clean and hiding food will deter roaches, but even after you've scrubbed the floors and vacuumed all the rugs, you may still have these disgusting critters skittering around. If you've ever wondered why you're having cockroaches over for dinner, even though you haven't put any food out, this article is for you.

Phase One Cleaning

Cleaning the crumbs around the toaster, washing all the counters, and cleaning all the rugs is a great start, but there is more food in your house than what you'll find in those places. Phase one cleaning is important, but it isn't enough to stop roaches.

Phase Two Cleaning

Have you gone a step further? Have you cleaned all the shelving in your pantry and put vulnerable food items into hard plastic containers? Have you made sure to only put your pet's food down during meal time? Are your dirty dishes soaking in soapy water, rather than sitting in a dirty pile next to the sink? You're on the right track. The smart management of food is important in resisting cockroaches.

Phase Three Cleaning

Even if you run a tight ship and keep everything clean, there are some hidden food sources and smells you may not think about. If you throw leftovers into a trash can, roaches can smell them, even if they can't get in there to eat them. This will keep roaches in your home. If you throw leftovers or fruit away, consider putting them in one of those plastic bags from the grocery store first to keep the smells contained. If you haven't cleaned the side of your stove recently, you may be feeding roaches the spilled grease from pans, and other organic matter that has dribbled down in there. The area under your refrigerator is another spot many miss. Food and juice that gets under the fridge usually doesn't get cleaned up immediately, and that means they're under there decomposing for roaches to smell and eat.

Phase Four Isn't Cleaning

Once you've cleaned, deep cleaned, and contained all the food sources, you may still be luring roaches in. Cockroaches love dark, damp places. If you have a moist cellar, consider using a dehumidifier to dry things out down there.

Do an inspection of your exterior walls, and use a caulking gun to fill in any rotted holes or gaps. If you have any vents or other openings, cover them with window screening to keep roaches from using them as an entry.

If you do all these things, you can resist roaches, but if I were to be completely honest here, this is a pest that can climb walls and traverse ceilings, and it lives on more than meats and starches. Roaches are known to consume books, hair, toothpaste, glue and even sewage.

If you're tired of having cockroaches coming over for dinner, add a cockroach treatment to your pest control plan, and keep them out for good. Contact the experts here at American Pest. We have been controlling pests for families and businesses since 1925. Put our experience to work for you.



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