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What is protection? The dictionary defines it this way: "The act of protecting or the state of being protected; preservation from injury or harm." How do you protect something from injury or harm? Well, if you're a bank, you hire security guards. These are professionals who are trained to identify a threat and neutralize it. The more experience and training that guard has, the safer your bank will be, right?

If you want to protect a city you a hire a police force. These are men and women trained in law enforcement. They don't just know the law, they know how to subdue individuals and make them submit to it. A highly trained and educated police force with modern law enforcement equipment is effective protection against the many "pests" that roam the streets.

When it comes to keeping rodents out of homes or businesses, you need protection. Rodents are disease and illness spreaders that damage wood and wires and carry in intrusive parasites like lice, fleas, and mites. Laying down a trap or spraying dangerous chemicals is not the way to protect your property, and those who dwell inside.

Protection from mice and rats requires a professional trained in identifying threats and neutralizing them. A technician is educated in the habits and behaviors of rodents. They know where rodents hide and what rodents eat. They are equipped with the latest technology to safely trap and remove all traces of rodent activity. This includes cleansing infected areas.

It is not financially practical to leave a pest technician on watch in your basement, like you might a security guard, but that doesn't mean a pest company can't protect you. They are skilled in sealing exterior walls and closing off entry points. They will also come back and make periodic inspections to be sure that rodent-spread disease, bacteria, and parasites doesn't have a chance to cause sickness.

Do-it-yourself rodent protection is often ineffectual. The materials can be costly, the endeavor can be time consuming, and still leave your property and its occupants vulnerable to harm. Get protection from a professional. You have enough to worry about in a day. Let someone with experience and training worry about those rodents.



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