Don't Let Rodent Invaders Spoil Your Thanksgiving Dinner!


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Don’t Let Rodent Invaders Spoil Your Thanksgiving Dinner!

There’s no better way to draw your extended family into your home and hearth for some good old-fashioned fellowship than a Thanksgiving meal. Refining your festive holiday menu, cleaning the home and setting to work on hanging your special decorations each require a great deal of your attention, time and energy. Preparations for Thanksgiving get-togethers and the urban hunting and gathering season to follow will no doubt push winterizing and cold weather chores off your to-do list until December or later. Don’t let embarrassing mouse droppings find their way onto the family heirloom serving tray this Thanksgiving—with a bit of preparation and planning, you can make sure the only guests that make it inside your home are the ones that you invite.

The truth is, rodents may seem like less of a nuisance than their pest friends like bed bugs, cockroaches and stinkbugs, but planning for rodent invaders in your pest-proofing efforts should be considered equally important to pests that hide in your bed or raise a stink, and here’s why:

  1. Fire!

Rats and mice alike gnaw compulsively on just about anything, but one of their favorite items to chew on is electrical wiring, which can be a significant fire hazard.

  1. Are You Gonna Eat That?

Good question, especially after discovering rodents have overtaken your home. Mice and rats scrounge for tasty treats around the clock, and rodent contact is likely to contaminate your stash with diseases like dysentery and salmonellosis.

  1. House Party!

Once rodents make way into your home, the doors are open for their pest friends too. Rats and mice tend to carry fleas, lice and ticks, which are then free to roam your home to lay eggs after their rodent hosts have forced entry.

  1. The Biggest “Eww” Factor

The first sign of rodent activity in your home is consistently fecal matter and urine stains. In addition to sanitation concerns with food and surfaces in your home, rodent waste can leave embarrassing stains that are difficult to remove.

The pest control experts at American Pest hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, and we hope that our tips help keep rodents from wreaking havoc on your family traditions. American Pest has been solving rodent and insect pest problems for those that live, work and play in the District of Columbia and surrounding areas like Laurel, Bethesda and Alexandria since 1925. To learn more about what American Pest can do to solve your pest issue, please drop us a line here. You can also reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter!


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