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A year ago today our on-site entomologist Dr. Kathy Heinsohn participated at the Senator Cardin's & Hopkins Medicine's Zika Virus Readiness roundtable discussion! This year she encourages people in the surrounding areas to continue to take precautions. "Mosquitoes will be prevalent this spring and summer," says Dr. Heinsohn. Just last week the University of North Dakota released a study that revealed that a common North American Mosquito (Aedes Vexans) also has the capability to transmit Zika. Now that we know another mosquito species can transmit the mosquito-borne virus, we want to ensure that you are taking precautions to protect yourself and those around you. 

Tips To Protect Yourself From Mosquitoes and Zika

  • Wear long sleeves with pants tucked into socks
  • Empty all standing water weekly to prevent breeding (including bird baths and pet bowls)
  • Check and clean all gutters and downspouts
  • Grade your yard (be sure that your lawn slopes away from your home). This will help prevent puddles where mosquitoes could breed. 
  • Contact American Pest 

These are just a few of the many ways that you can protect yourself. For more tips on how to prevent the spread of zika, keep your home pest free, and avoid bed bugs, visit our blog. If you still feel like your back yard is being bombarded by mosquitoes or ticks, contact American Pest today and learn more about our monthly mosquito and tick control program. Take back your yard today! 



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