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At American Pest, we get a lot of calls from people that are concerned about stink bugs. These pests are still relatively unknown, despite the fact that they’ve been around for more than a decade now. Apparently even though they’ve become a serious agricultural pest, homeowners in Howard County, DC and throughout Maryland are just now noticing these pests huddling around the exterior of their homes. We’ve gotten so many questions lately that we decided we could dedicate a whole blog post on the most frequently asked questions we’ve received recently about stink bugs! So here goes… Our top 7 most frequently asked questions in regards to those obnoxious stink bugs!

Q: Do stink bugs bite?

A: No, these pests do not have the physical capacity to bite us!

Q: Can you trap stink bugs?

A: Yes! Trapping stink bugs is definitely something you can do, but it will only help you eliminate some of the stink bugs in the house; a stink bug trap will not prevent more stink bugs from entering and cannot completely eliminate the infestation.

Q: My cat ate one; will it hurt her?

A: No, she should be fine! Stink bugs won’t poison her, but she might have a bad taste in her mouth from the ‘stink’ left behind by the bug!

Q: When stink bugs come into my home, will I be finding stink bug eggs everywhere?

A: No. Stink bugs come into your home for protection from the cold; they do not enter your home to reproduce. They lay their eggs on the undersides of plant leaves in early April, so you will not be finding stink bug eggs inside your home.

Q: Are stink bugs harmful?

A: Not really; stink bugs are more of a nuisance inside your home because they will enter in large numbers. They do produce a stinky smell when squished or when frightened, but other than that, stink bugs are not considered more than nuisance pests.

Q: Why do stink bugs come into my house?

A: Stink bugs are entering your home to find a safe place to spend the winter. They will huddle along the south facing side of your home in fall until they can slide themselves under siding or find any possible entry areas into your home. You may have gaps around doors or windows or holes in the exterior of your home that you are unaware of; these areas will allow in stink bugs and other insects.

Q: How do you get rid of stink bugs?

A: Once stink bugs are inside, there is little we can do, besides clean up all stink bugs that we find. The best way to avoid stink bugs in the home is to apply a preventative treatment to your home before they become a problem.

Hopefully we’ve answered your most pressing stink bug questions here, but if you are interested in learning more about stink bugs and what our Maryland pest control professionals can do to get rid of them, please give us a call today. If stink bugs aren’t a problem for you, but you’re dealing with roaches, ants, spiders and other common bugs found in homes, we can help you with our Preferred Care program for year round DC pest control solutions. Providing pest control solutions to our service area since 1925, we will be happy to help you with all your pest control needs; contact American Pest today!


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