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What do soldiers do when an invasion is imminent? They fortify their defenses, right? But, what if some of the enemy army has already gotten in? Does it still help to bolster defenses? Sure it does. The same is true with household pests, like the brown marmorated stink bug. Let's take a look at this pest and see how fortifying your defenses can help, even if they have already made it past your initial defenses.

What Are These Stinky Creatures?

The brown marmorated stink bug gets its name because, you guessed it… it stinks. It secretes a viscous fluid from its abdomen that has a foul odor. For this reason, it is a bad idea to try to get rid of them by squishing them. But not only do they stink when you squish them, they can also stink when you just scare them. And if they do release this stinky fluid, be aware that it stains. Depending on the material the fluid gets on, it can be quite difficult to get out.

Defensive Shield Against Attacking Shields

In spring time, stink bugs that have been overwintering in your wall voids and attic spaces will be motivated by warming temperatures to come out into your living spaces, sometimes in large numbers (if they haven't already). But, sometimes, they will emerge outside. When they do, it is possible to put up some defenses to keep those bugs from crawling back inside.

  • Carefully inspect all your screens for tears or holes and repair or replace any damaged screens. Stink bugs can squeeze through the smallest of openings.

  • Check all door sweeps and make certain that they are in good working order.

  • Look around exterior windows and doors for gaps. Fill in any holes using a caulking gun. But be aware that this may trap these bugs inside as well.

  • Examine your foundation, exterior walls, and roof area and seal up any gaps or cracks found there. When stink bugs come out from your roofline, they won't be able to come back in through these entry points.

  • Look carefully around all pipes, wires, air conditioning units, or other items that enter the house and seal any gaps.

  • Patch any areas of rotting wood on your home.

  • Consider switching exterior lighting from white lights to insect-resistant yellow lighting. Also, keep windows covered at night. Stink bugs are attracted to light. When they climb out, you want them to go away, not stick around.

  • Cover all chimneys and vents with window grade screens.

These tips are best in fall before stink bugs get in, but they can help to keep exiting stink bugs from coming back inside in the spring as well.

If you want those bugs completely eradicated from your home, you'll need the help of a professional pest control company like American Pest. In spring or in fall, it requires specialized education and specialized pest control measures to fully eradicate stink bugs. Let the experts here at American Pest help you get stink bugs out and keep them out.


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