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Do you have ants around your Montgomery County home? If they live outside, in your grass, you probably don't pay much attention to them as a general rule. But it is hard to ignore them when they get inside. A mass of ants on a trash can is enough to turn your stomach. And, a super highway of ants might be cool for about sixty seconds, but it isn't long before you're looking for something to kill them with. But, before you take any drastic measures, there are a few things you're going to want to know about those invading pests.

Killing ants is not the solution.

You can kill ants all day, every day, and never rid your home of ants. To stop ants from coming in, do the following.

  • Use soapy water on ant trails and anywhere ants have been gathering food. They leave behind a smell, called trail pheromones, the tell other ants that there is food around.

  • You need to get rid of, or seal, the food sources ants are coming in for. If you continue to leave food out for them, they will continue to come in.

  • If you have a pet dish it is best to keep it down only during mealtimes. And, never overnight.

  • Ants will keep coming in if you don't seal the cracks they're using to get in.

The real truth about ants.

Ants can drive you crazy. It is definitely a good idea to get rid of them. But there might be something more going on here. You could have a rotted area that has been soaked by water. You could have a crack in your basement wall. When you get ants, you should always ask yourself where those ants are coming in. Have American Pest perform an inspection to find out where your home is vulnerable. You may be able to seal those entry points before you start getting larger bugs and rodents scampering through your kitchen and pantry.

Carpenter ants.

It is also important to identify the ants that are crawling around in your Maryland home. If you have carpenter ants, you'll want to have that problem addressed quickly. This is an ant that chews wood. If left to do what it does best, you could be working hard to fix structural issues. Get rid of those pesky ants. Life is so much better when it is ant-free.

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