Ground Bees Explained


Stinging Insects   

Ground bees are commonly unheard of and even unnoticed on your own property. These bees actually burrow into the ground to build their nests. They are not aggressive and actually rather peaceful bees. They leave little two inch mounds of soil where they begin to dig their nests underground. Ground bees can be mistaken for bumble bees or wasps. Some bumble bees and wasps will also build their nests underground. Ground bees are more of a solitary bee and is non aggressive that is how you can tell the difference with ground bees. These bees are considered beneficial bees because they help pollinate plants.

Once a burrow is built a queen bee will go in and dig tunnels with multiple exits and lay a single egg at the end of tunnels. These bees will not typically sting you unless they feel their nest is threatened or they are. Male bees may act aggressive around the entrance of a tunnel but has no stinger. These bees will be more active and numerous during the spring months when the baby bees arrive. Their colonies are very solitary they have a miner bee, sweat bee and digger bees. Once the queen has laid her eggs the males will leave and she will protect them.

If you see a ground bee nest try to stay clear of it. If you find one on your property contact a professional exterminator to help you remove it. If you disturb a nest and it become agitated or is actually a wasp nest it can cause serious danger for you and your family. Contact American Pest In Northern Virginia for help removing any stinging pests.


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