Help! Springtime Pests Are BAAACK!!!!


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It’s here!

Springtime. It’s that magical time of year when Old Man Winter finally releases his freezing chokehold on our lives, and books his cruise to the glaciers in Alaska. At last! No more icy commutes to work. No more shoveling your way out of the house to reach the mailbox. No more reptile skin.

From here, it’s all sweet-smelling flowers, iced tea, and fun in the sun, right?

That is, until you open up the shed to retrieve the lawnmower. Or you go down into the basement to find your surfboard. Or you venture up into your attic to swap your winter boots for those cute sandals.

And that’s when they appear, ready to ruin your party. That’s right. It’s time for springtime pests, often evident in the form of:

  • Termite swarms

  • Trails of ants

  • Stinging insects swarming

  • Moth damage to clothes in storage  

  • Clover mite activity          

  • Stink Bugs being Everywhere!!

You can’t fight it at this point. It’s time to call a pest control company. But how do you know which one to call? There are a lot of companies offering pest control services, and they all make pretty good promises.

Never fear. American Pest is here with advice on choosing a pest control company that will suit your needs and eliminate your pest problem.

1.      Check Their Credentials

Your pest control company should be a member of the National Pest Management Association. It also helps if they have NPMA QualityPro accreditation, which is the highest mark of excellence in the pest management industry.

2.      Check Their Reviews

Websites like Angie’s List and Google Places offer customers opportunities to give honest feedback about their experiences with service companies. Reviewing the ratings and the comments will usually give you a fair idea of how the company represents itself, and how its service compares to its competitors.

3.      Check Their Website

How much information does the company offer on the services they offer? How about the pesticides and equipment? Offering more information upfront indicates a greater confidence in their products and services.

4.      Check Their Fellow Customers

Your neighbors may likely be experiencing problems with the same pests you are, so bringing up the topic during the next carpool or barbecue could pay off with invaluable personal feedback about which companies will resolve your problem, and which ones won’t.

5.      Check Their Customer Service/Sales Team

Now, it’s time for the phone call, but that doesn’t mean they’ve passed their evaluation yet. Have a list of questions prepared for the representative that speaks to you, and grill them until you have the answers you need. Is the representative able to answer your questions with confidence and authority? Or do they have to put you on hold to look up the answer on the internet? These first interactions will be a strong indicator of what future encounters with the company will be like.

American Pest hopes those tips are able to help you make an informed choice to find the right company for your pest woes. After making your decision, take a moment to take in the beautiful weather and enjoy the Spring Fever!

For more information about how we can help solve your pest problems, contact American Pest today at 1-877-282-1886, or fill out our online contact form.


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