Holiday Crashers: American Pest Presents Tips to Handle Winter Pests


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They say it’s the most wonderful time of the year, and it truly is. You get a few days away from work, presents, and plenty of good food to share. Your family comes to visit, and you see your favorite niece and your uncle with the ugly sweaters. But few things can get you down faster during the holidays than the sight of an insect pest crashing your party.

Don’t let pests ruin your holiday celebrations. American Pest is here to help you resolve your Christmas pest woes. We are offering these simple pest prevention techniques to help you make sure pests aren’t invited to your Christmas dinner.

Inspect Holiday Decorations

Homeowners that keep their Christmas decorations in their garages or sheds may find pests hiding out in them. Look over your items of holiday cheer carefully before bringing them into the house.

Keep Branches and Shrubbery Trimmed Away From the Home.

It’s not the typical season for yard work, but this is a very simple step that will cut off another access point pests have into your home.

Check the Christmas tree!

Anyone bring a tree into their home recently? Talk about the perfect carrier to bring pests into your home! Give your tree a fair examination before bringing it into the house.

Clean up Kitchen Messes Promptly After Cooking.

Your household’s mass production of holiday favorites like holiday ham, cranberry sauce, and figgy pudding leaves room for spills and food sitting out for extended periods of time. Be sure to clean up crumbs and put leftovers away after the meal.

Look Out for Indoor Spider Webs

Spider webs are an easy indicator of insect activity in your home. Vacuuming or removing them with a broom should signal pests that the party is over for them.

Move Trashcans Away From the House

It might be a drag embarking on a cold dark walk outside to take out the trash, but garbage cans are a breeding ground for nuisance pests. Keeping the trash cans away from the house will decrease the likelihood of the pests making it inside.

American Pest hopes these easy pest prevention tips help you keep pests away from your celebrations, so you can focus on having a safe, healthy holiday with your family and friends.

If you feel you may be over your head this holiday season with a pest problem, contact American Pest today at 1-877-282-1886, or fill out our online contact form.

Happy Pest-Free Holidays from American Pest!


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