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There are many flying pests in the world. For most of them, good screens are the secret to keeping them out of your home. But gnats are a different problem. These tiny insects don't get into your home only through an open door, open window, or entry point. In fact, the two gnats that we are called on to deal with the most: fungus gnats and fruit flies, are often carried in. Here's what you need to know.

Fungus gnats and fruit flies don't feed on blood or flesh. These insects are more at home in a jar of apple cider vinegar or feeding on fermented items in your kitchen trash. And, when they get a meal, they multiply quickly. It isn't long before you're walking through clouds of gnats or seeing dozens of black specks clinging to your walls and ceiling.

Since these two gnats don't feed on us, they have a different reason for being inside our homes, and a different way of getting in. While both are capable of flying in, it is more likely that they will be carried in. Fruit flies can be brought home with produce from the store. Fungus flies can be brought inside with potted plants. Therefore, prevention is typically centered on preventing these insects from hitchhiking in.

Gnat Prevention

  • Screens: As with any gnat, it is important to have good screens on your windows and doors, and to refrain from leaving doors open.

  • Store fruit: When you bring fruit home from the store, put it in the refrigerator instead of the counter or table.

  • Seal your trash: If you have an open trash, consider purchasing a can with a sealable cover, or remove the trash daily so that foods can't ferment.

  • Clean: Good sanitation is key for controlling a number of fly species.

When gnats, or any type of flies, appear in your home, it may be time to call a professional. Flies are food for spiders, and spiders are food for other pests. A professional pest control company can help you deal with the problem at a systemic level and return your home to a pest-resistant state. For more information, or to schedule service, contact American Pest. We'll help you get those pests under control.


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