Kathy Heinsohn, Ph.D., B.C.E., Presents at Annual Purdue Pest Management Conference



Kathy Heinsohn, Ph.D., B.C. E., of American Pest in Fulton, MD, presented on the topic of Cockroach Management at the 76th Annual Purdue Pest Management Conference on January 9th.

Drawing an estimated 700 professionals annually, the 3-day conference resides on the Indiana Purdue University campus and features seminars conducted by many of the brightest scholars, industry leaders, and researchers in pest management.

Dr. Heinsohn presented several key strategies of cockroach management with emphasis on species identification, development, and behavior of the German Cockroach as well as other economically important species. Low-risk Integrated Pest Management tactics for the commercial business, including both chemical and non-chemical strategies, were also addressed.

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