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Yellow Jackets

Yellow Jackets are considered the most dangerous stinging insect in the US. They are social wasps that attack vigorously when their concealed nests are disturbed. These wasps don’t stop to ask questions. If their nest is disturbed the entire population will attack.
In stinging insect control, Yellow Jackets are public enemy number one. These aggressive insects will continue to sting as often as they can in order to protect their nest. Their nests are often hidden in wall voids or underground so they are difficult to detect.


The most common way to spot a yellow jacket nest is to notice the insects flying in and out of a certain area. Seeing just one is not necessarily cause for alarm, but seeing many flying periodically near the same area means it is time to call in the professionals at American Pest.


Our experts do not take a yellow jacket nest near your home lightly. We come ready to fight back equipped with special “bee suits” to keep our technicians safe from these aggressive insects.


Yellow Jackets prey on insects during early to mid-summer but change their diet to sweets later in the summer and into fall. Their paths often cross with people enjoying the warm weather of summer so it is important to be aware of their aggressive nature and steer clear until you call in the professionals at American Pest.


Yellow Jackets are distinctive looking insects with their prominent yellow and black stripes and thin bodies. A species of Paper Wasp from Europe (Polistes dominulus) bears a striking resemblance to the Yellow Jacket with distinctive yellow and black stripes. The Paper Wasp is generally larger than Yellow Jackets but both are defensive and will readily sting if disturbed.

While Yellow Jackets can be aggressive pests when they set up nests near living areas, they do a lot to benefit their surroundings as well. Yellow Jackets eat common pests like house flies and other pests that can damage crops and garden plants.






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