"Oh no!" Bed Bugs Before Christmas???


Bed bugs   
family gathered around a christmas tree

Did you move a couch to fit the Christmas tree into your living room and find a very unpleasant surprise? Did bugs scurry into your baseboards or disappear under the edge of your carpet when you moved the couch? Did you notice black staining on the stitching behind your couch and investigate further to find all kinds of apple-seed-sized insects crawling around? Yup. You've got bed bugs!

"Hold on a second. Bed bugs? But, don't bed bugs live in beds?"

Actually, bed bugs can live in all kinds of places. They'll nest behind baseboards, under carpets, inside wall voids, and even take up residence in electronics. But, next to living in a mattress, bed bugs prefer living in couches and upholstered chairs.

"Why would they live so far away from where they feed?"

It is a common misconception that bed bugs only feed on people at night, while they are sleeping. This is inaccurate. Bed bugs can feed anytime. And, they are able to feed on people even when they are fully awake.

"Okay. I have bed bugs. Now what? I'm expecting guests for Christmas!"

We understand. Having bed bugs is embarrassing--even though it shouldn't be. It isn't your fault you got bed bugs. These pests don't infest the homes of dirty people. They have been found in the richest estates and most well-kept palaces. But nobody wants their home crawling with bugs when guests arrive, so here's what you need to know.

Bed bugs are extremely hard to exterminate without a knowledge of how these insects behave. DIY bed bug methods often send bugs into the walls, only to come back and bite later. If you don't want these bugs biting your guests on Christmas, it is best to let an educated professional eradicate these bugs. And, if you've heard that heat can kill bed bugs throughout an entire home, you should know that it is dangerous to attempt to raise the temperature of a home to a 120°F without self-regulating heating equipment, strategically placed sensors, and a detailed protocol for protecting the belongings in your home. Please don't attempt to take care of these bugs on your own.

If you have bed bugs, contact American Pest. Our team of experienced and certified professionals can administer a proper heat treatment in just one day, and fully exterminate all the bugs present in your home. It is as easy as that! And, when we're done, you can get right back to all of those Christmas preparations you were working on before all this bug business began.


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