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students use pest control tips to enjoy spring break

Even if you don’t have pest issues at home, many people get pest infections and can even bring pests home from vacation. With one of the highest travel seasons ahead of us, we’ve gathered some pest control tips to protect you while enjoying the warm weather at your spring break destination.

Common Vacation Pest Issues

You may think that your spring break schedule is full and you can deal with a pest issue if it arises. However, it is extremely important that you are cautious and taking preventative steps. These common pest issues are more difficult to deal with after they arise when prevention could have saved the day. Here are a few common vacation pest issues:

  • Getting Zika while vacationing in Florida and other high-risk Zika virus areas
  • Getting other mosquito-borne diseases while on vacation
  • Getting tick-borne disease while spending time outdoors
  • Bringing bed bugs home from your hotel or vacation rental

Pest Control Tips To Prevent Pest Issues

  • Check Your Destination-While planning for spring break, be sure to check your travel destination for CDC warnings.
  • Protect Your Suitcase- When arriving at your hotel or vacation rental, store your suitcase in the bathroom and off of the floor. Then inspect your suitcase for signs of pests like bed bugs before heading home and before entering your home if you flew.
  • Inspect Hotel or Rental Property- Inspect the area for signs of ants, bed bugs and more as soon as you arrive. That way if necessary you can be switched to another room.
  • ALWAYS use Bug Spray- you may think this is just to avoid the itchy bites. However, bug spray with DEET could be protecting you from mosquito and tick-borne diseases like Zika virus and Lyme disease. Trust us, it’s better safe than sorry. Make sure you are applying the bug spray correctly. If you are using sunscreen, be sure to put the sunscreen on first.  

Needless to say, it is important to take precaution and use these pest control tips while on spring break or any vacation for that matter. If you still have concerns of pest issues after returning, contact American Pest. They have Board Certified Entomologists and pest professionals on staff that would be happy to help.


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