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Spring is finally here, and many homeowners will be spending the next few weeks checking spring cleaning chores off their to-do lists. Is pest proofing your home on your list? If not, don’t worry! The staff at American Pest has worked together to comprise a room by room checklist that will help to keep your home pest free.

Kitchen Pest Free Chores

It is important to clean your kitchen often, as leftover food may attract pests. This list includes cleaning items that you may not think of. While these chores may seem like a lot, they will help you avoid many types of pantry pests, such as ants and flies

  • Store all food in sealed, air-tight containers.
  • Discard any stale or outdated items, including spices (which are home to many beetles)!
  • Wipe down cabinets and shelves to remove any old residue that may attract pests.
  • Vacuum behind appliances to clean the dust, dirt, and crumbs that are hiding from plain sight.

Bathroom Pest Free Chores

Bathrooms attract pests that are looking for sources of water like cockroaches and silverfish. The main chore for bathrooms includes checking for areas holding unwanted moisture. Even the smallest leak can lead to big pest problems!

  • Check under the sink for signs of leaks and water damage.
  • Check around the tub to ensure all caulk is still sealed, and that there are no signs of water damage.
  • Check around the toilet for leaky pipes and water damage.

Basement Pest Free Chores

Basements tend to be full of dark spaces and clutter that rodents and spiders love. These chores may take some time, but fixing these problems now could also help avoid problems with mice and rats in the winter.

  • Use plastic bins with secure lids instead of cardboard boxes that rodents can chew through.
  • Seal all cracks and crevices with caulk to get rid of entry points and prevent them from getting bigger as time progresses. A paper-thin crack will invite small pests inside. Mice can squeeze through a hole as small as a dime!
  • If your basement is moist, consider a dehumidifier to help avoid pests such as silverfishand booklice.

Other Pest Free Chores

  • Check the exterior of your home for any potential pest entry points and make sure they are sealed.
  • Keep any bushes or branches away from the side of your house (pests can use these as a bridge into your home).
  • Remove any deteriorating wood from your yard, including tree stumps that attract termites.
  • Clean out gutters and rain spouts to ensure proper drainage.
  • Repair ripped screens and damaged windows, as well as any loose mortar around your windows and foundation.

For more advice, follow our Facebook and Twitter for daily updates, tips, and tricks. If you have a pest problem that you need help with, contact American Pest for assistance. American Pest also offers preventative services for pests, and even has a monthly mosquito and tick program that will help you protect your yard from these disease carrying pests.


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