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Curb appeal is defined as the attractiveness of the exterior of a residential or commercial property, as viewed from the street. Every remodeling project and every piece of landscaping that adds to the beautification of your home also increases its curb appeal. If you keep at it, it isn't long before people really take notice--and start wishing your home was their home. That's great, if you want to attract humans, but do you know that there are some things you can do to the outside of your home that will give it curb appeal to passing bugs and wildlife? With pests being extremely active in Montgomery county right now, can you afford to have pest curb appeal?


When those roaches go by, it won't be your new vinyl siding that will catch their eye. They will be drawn to your yard if it has open trash cans on the side of the house or decaying organic material in the yard, like leaves, sticks or compost. They also prefer a yard that is cluttered. Cockroaches scurry from one item to the next to give them less time in the open, and less time for predators to attack them from the air. Reducing these factors will reduce your home's curb appeal for roaches.


When spiders go creeping by, will your home catch their eye? All spiders are predators, and their diet is bugs, especially the ones that fly. If you have lots of flies, your home will have spider curb appeal. Flies feed and breed in open trash cans, so make sure those cans are sealed. Flies are also drawn to light. If you have exterior white lights, consider replacing them with insect-resistant yellow bulbs. When you reduce your fly population, you reduce your spider population as well.


We all know that flowers draw stinging insects in, but do you know that a cup of juice left outside can draw them in as well? Wasps love nectar and sweet things. If you want fewer wasps on your property, don't give them anything sweet. If you have flowers and don't want to part with them, we understand. That is why we offer nest removal services as part of our pest plans.

Reducing the attractiveness of your home can have an impact on how many bugs will be in your yard, exploring your exterior walls. But, in fall, when insect populations are at their highest, the best way to stay bug-free is with help from a professional. If you live in Montgomery County and want to fully exclude pests from your home, give us a call. We've been protecting homes in Maryland since 1925. Let us protect yours.


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