Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Yes, they may transport bed bugs too


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So of course we all know by now that bed bugs are found near beds. What may not be common knowledge is that bed bugs have moved out of the bedroom (or hotel room) and are infesting other areas of homes, businesses and even public transportation.

That’s right; planes, trains, buses and taxis are all susceptible to bed bug infestation too. That’s because every day, many different people utilize these vehicles to carry themselves and their bags to their destination. While great for the environment, this may actually result in the spread of bed bugs. If you rely on public transportation to get you where you need to go, American Pest offers these tips to help you reduce your chances of bringing this pest home:

  • Inspect for signs of bed bugs including live bugs and fecal stains

  • Avoid using storage compartments if possible and keep bags on your lap

  • Use garment hangers instead of laying clothes across the seat

  • Upon arrival, take a careful assessment of your clothes, socks, shoes and your belongings to make sure you don’t have bed bugs and take action immediately if you spot one of these pests

Whether you are flying off for a vacation (see also bed bug prevention in hotel rooms) taking the train for a weekend getaway or just need to catch a ride to the movies, American Pest hopes these bed bug prevention tips will make your traveling experience bed bug free! 


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