Preparing for Cold Weather Pests



The leaves are starting to change as the air regains the crispness of the impending autumn in DC, Maryland and Virginia. It’s time to make room for those new fall fashions and say, “Sayonara!” to summer for another few months. As you pack away those summer clothes and toys, there are a few important tips to remember to keep your belongings in tip top condition.

Helpful Materials
There are a whole host of common household items to use to keep mice and other insect pests away this season.

  • Heavy plastic bins with locking lids
    The bins themselves need not be heavy, but the plastic should be thick enough to be a true challenge for sharp mouse teeth to gnaw through. Lids that snap closed with a lock are ideal so the lids are sure to stay on in case the container is disturbed.
  • Door sweeps
    Attachments to the underside of doors to ensure a tightly sealed close can work wonders against invading pests. Mice will shimmy through holes as small as a dime so that tiny crack under doors can cause a big problem if left unchecked.
  • Screens
    It is important to repair or replace screens with holes or tears in them. They act as an important barrier against flying and crawling insects to effortlessly keep them outdoors and away from your belongings.
  • Sealable bags
    Sealable baggies to store photos, important papers, and small keepsakes are all threatened by pests. Keeping your belongings dry in containers such as these will deter moisture loving silverfish and keep your stuff safe.
  • Weather stripping & caulk
    Weather stripping around doors and windows and caulk around stationary objects can seal potential entry points against unwanted pests.


Taking the time to properly store your belongings can extend their life, saving you time, money and hassle. Pests like silverfish, mice, and moths slip inside in search for a source of food and shelter and would be perfectly happy living in a cardboard box full of keepsakes in the attic, munching away until they are satisfied.  

American Pest is committed to keeping your house and belongings safe this winter with our Preferred Care plans customized to suit your individual pest control needs!



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