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Mice have been getting into homes since the dawn of time and it probably wouldn't be such a bad thing if they didn't carry diseases, contaminate our food, spread parasites, chew through walls, gnaw on wiring, and leave their feces everywhere. After all, a single mouse is sort of cute. They have cute little whiskers, soft fuzzy fur, and wide eyes that seem to say, "Would you mind terribly if I snack on the scraps that fall from your table?" But the reality of the situation is, mice are not safe to have in the home. What's worse is that mice infestations are not an isolated problem. According to the 2013 American Housing Survey, mice are the most reported issue homeowners deal with. If you own a home, you need to know how to deal with mice. Here are some common mistakes homeowners make when dealing with mice and then what is truly necessary to protect a home from these furry creatures.

  1. Get a cat. Seems like a good idea, right? Cats love to eat mice. But cats come with a few drawbacks. First of all, cats can't get into all the places where mice go. They can't get into wall voids or up into attic spaces, and they aren't able to get onto shelves in your pantry or into the backs of your cabinets. If those mice never come out into the open, or if they chew their way straight into your pantry, that cat is not going to help much. The other obvious drawback is that cats don't eat the whole mouse. That means you'll find carcasses on your floor.

  2. Sanitation. Some homeowners try to beat mice with good housekeeping. But keeping things clean is only part of the solution. Mice can infest a home and never feed on anything inside that home. They may leave to feed in a nearby dumpster or trash bin and then return to nest in your walls.

  3. Protect food sources. If all of your stored food is in hard plastic containers you will resist mice. But mice don't only come into a home because of food. They also come in for shelter.

  4. Mouse traps. Traps can be effective at killing mice, but they also come with a significant drawback. They have to be emptied. If you decide to use mouse traps, make sure you always use gloves when handling dead mice, and keep traps in places your pets and children can't get to.

Real Solution

There is a reason mice are the #1 problem homeowners deal with. These are resourceful creatures that chew through walls, have the ability to jump up to a foot in the air, and reproduce faster than rabbits. The only real solution to mice is understanding how these creatures think. At American Pest our team of certified and educated professionals know how to trap mice, clean infected areas, seal entry points, and set up protective measures that work to keep new mice from infesting. When you want real solutions for your Maryland or Virginia home, give us a call.



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