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Are you seeing silverfish in your home? Are they showing up in humid areas such as your bathroom, basement, or perhaps your laundry room? If you are encountering these creepy, alien-looking creatures inside your home, you should be aware of the dangers they pose and some of the issues their presence may indicate.

Silverfish are teardrop shape and very flat. Because of their flatness, they are able to squeeze inside book bindings, undetected, and cause damage with their chewing. They can also cause damage to a host of other items. Since silverfish will dine on carbohydrates, sugars, starches and cellulose, they can potentially cause damage to treasured photos, carpeting, clothing, drapes, blankets and sheets, tapestries, documents and wallpaper. They also eat foods found in your pantry, such as sugar, coffee, pasta, flour, cereal, and any other starchy food.

Many people are aware of the damages silverfish can cause to clothing, books, old photos and more, but do not generally think of other possible problems indicated by the presence of silverfish.

  • Moisture issues around your home: If you are seeing silverfish inside, chances are they were drawn close to your home because of moisture issues. Removing standing water and putting down crushed rock around the perimeter of your home may help make your home less inviting to silverfish.

  • Gaps and cracks in your foundation: When the weather outside gets too dry, or too wet, silverfish will look for shelter. Sealing up holes in your foundation and walls may help keep these invading moisture pests out.

  • Water damaged areas: Silverfish, especially in large numbers, could be an indication that you have areas of your home that have become water damaged. This can lead to other issues, such as mold, and other pests gaining access to your wall voids. Repairing water-damaged areas, and making sure your gutters are not obstructed or damaged may help keep silverfish at bay.

A few other problems silverfish may pose:

  • Silverfish eat dandruff: If you have silverfish, and your have dandruff, you may wake up with these disgusting insects crawling in your hair. They may also hang out on your hairbrush or comb.

  • Silverfish can be startling: No one likes being startled by a creepy crawly bug. And, if you happen to be startled at just the right moment, especially on a slippery floor, where these moisture-loving pests love to hang out, you may find yourself slipping and sustaining an injury.

If you would rather not deal with silverfish invading your home, or if you have already been invaded, the best way to be certain they are completely gone is by reaching out to a professional pest control company. The pest experts here at American Pest are standing by to assist you with a number of residential pest control options.


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