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Some of the biggest threats facing today's homeowners, are the many different types of pests that are constantly looking to invade your home. And though most people think that pests pose less of a problem in the winter time, this is not true for many Maryland homeowners. Pests are a year round issue that require a year round pest control plan to prevent them. Many pests seek to move inside during the winter, looking for food or a warm place to make a nest. Who are some of the most common invaders during the winter?

  • Pantry pests found during your holiday baking.

  • Rodents like mice and rats chewing through insulation or electrical wires.

  • Spiders start to move inside to avoid the cold and find insects to feed on. 

  • And let’s not forget all the pests that overwinter like stink bugs, box elder bugs, ladybugs, etc.

Not all pests pose immediate threats but they are all cause for concern because no infestation is a good infestation. Luckily, there are a handful of simple tips that you can use to prevent these pests from entering your home this winter:

  1. Make sure that any leftovers, spills, or dirty dishes are not left out, so as not to attract pests looking for food.

  2. Store any open food in plastic or glass containers that have lids to prevent pests from chewing through boxes or bags to get into the food.

  3. Keep items in storage areas in rubber totes so rodents or wildlife won't chew the boxes and damage your possessions.

  4. Clean and vacuum the home frequently. This prevents pests from getting settled into an area. Extra attention should made to more secluded areas where many pests find safety.

Even with these tips, many people turn to professional help to keep pests out of their Maryland home. That’s where American Pest comes in with our pest control plans for the new year! With our three levels of home pest control, commercial pest control and many other services, there is a program that is right for you. Click here to contact us for more information on our D.C. pest control, Maryland pest control, and services for surrounding areas! 


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