Stink Bugs: Predictions, Prevention, & Pest Control


Stink Bugs   

Stink bugs are invasive bugs that wreak havoc on crops each year in the Maryland and Virginia region. In the summer, the bugs stay outdoors and damage crops and gardens. But come fall, they begin to creep indoors and make every night a bug-chasing adventure. This might be fun for the cat, but we’re guessing you’d rather relax by a crackling fireplace than jump up with a paper towel to squish* a stink bug every five minutes.

As far as "stink bug seasons" go, 2013 is projected to be worse than 2012, but not quite as bad as 2011. Now, if you aren’t an entomologist in this region, you probably won’t be keeping close tabs on stink bug numbers. You notice if they’re annoying and sort of forget them if not. Out of sight out of mind, right?

Hopefully you’re in one of the lucky areas to remain unaffected. But if you’re in our service area, you’ll likely have a few more run-ins with the smelly, slow-flying bugs this fall.

There is still time to do a bit of stink bug proofing to your home before winter strikes. It’s likely you saw a stink bug hanging out on your window sill, staring outside, pondering the universe. Once you pick up the bug and flush him down the toilet, you may wonder how to prevent more from invading. Sealing and insulating your home as much as humanly possible will do a lot to deter stink bugs. If they don’t have easy access, they’ll move on to somewhere they do.

Pest Control
American Pest has a stink bug reduction program designed based on Integrated Pest Management. Stink bugs are just looking for a place to overwinter, so American Pest can design a plan to suit your home’s age and vulnerabilities and keep as many stink bugs out as possible. With stink bugs, nothing is 100 percent. They may move slow and run into lights a lot, but since this is how they survive for the winter, they are surprisingly good at getting indoors. Let the experts take control and give us a call today!



 *Don’t squish stink bugs. They stink. Vacuum them and dump them outdoors or in a bucket of soapy water. 


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