Tabrizi’s to Host a Homeless Restaurant Week


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Here at American Pest we partner up with many fine commercial establishments to provide them with the best in pest control services. We are involved in our communities and are proud to be a part them. Dining out is a favorite past time of the people in Baltimore and in America. We are excited to tell you about a restaurant in Baltimore that is targeting a very specific group of Baltimore citizens.

It is no secret that the City of Baltimore has been through the ringer this year. The riots that occurred earlier this year not only gained national attention, but worldwide notoriety. Not exactly the kind of ‘advertisement’ that encourages growth and tourism. It is so refreshing to see beauty come from the ashes of this once great metropolis – giving a beacon of hope that Baltimore will recover and once again be great. The kindness being shown by Michael Tabrizi toward the homeless population shows the true heart of what Baltimore can and should be.

Michael Tabrizi is the owner of “Tabrizi’s,” a restaurant and catering service located in the Harborview residences of Baltimore. He has organized the first “Homeless Restaurant Week” to coincide with Visit Baltimore’s annual Restaurant Week which is an annual promotion for local restaurants the week of July 20th. The idea for Homeless Restaurant Week came after he encountered a homeless person and wound up giving him a couple of bucks and a business card with the invitation to stop by the restaurant for a meal. This started Mr. Tabrizi thinking about all the other homeless people in and around the city and what he could do for them too. From that experience, Homeless Restaurant Week was born. This week, Tabrizi’s is closed for regular business in order to prepare Chicken Cordon Bleu in sage cream sauce, spring salad, apple cider and ice cream waffle cones for dessert in hopes of feeding 900 – 1000 homeless guests free of charge by the end of the week! Not only that, but his staff is offering to serve without pay for the entire week – and other volunteers have stepped forward to offer their time as well! We can only hope that Mr. Tabrizi’s kindness and compassion for the people of this city will be even more infectious!

As Baltimore recovers from the tremors that shook us to our foundations, this girl thinks that the hearts of the people are the answer to full healing and recovery. Mr. Tabrizi is certainly a leader and has set the example to follow. Here at American Pest we salute the efforts of Mr. Tabrizi and encourage the people of the greater Baltimore metroplex to stand with him as he serves our city.


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