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Have you ever caught yourself saying, "This day couldn’t get any worse." It usually happens in times of great stress or frustration. It's okay. We've all been there. However, termites are more than happy to prove you wrong. Any day can get worse when you find that your home has been gutted from the inside out by these tiny terrors. Termites are a silent pest. And often, it is only after damage is done that homeowners discover signs of termites activity. Here are some quick fun facts for a not so fun home wrecker.

Fun Facts

  1. Termites build mud tubes as tunnels, across unpleasant terrain, to get to their food source. These mud tubes can be free standing straight up into the air. The tallest documented mud tube was 12 feet long from floor to ceiling! It even swayed with every passing breeze.

  2. Formosan subterranean termites, a more aggressive termite living mostly in the south, can search an area the size of a football field, eating any wood they find. One colony can eat up to 1,000 pounds of wood each year.

  3. Termites never sleep.

  4. A termite queen can lay an egg every 15 seconds. Unfortunately, she doesn’t get paid overtime.

  5. Termites can enter your home through a crack the thickness of a penny.

The Sentricon System

If a colony of termites is presently in your home, there is a strong possibility that three to four termite colonies are currently around your home as well, housing as many as 1 million termites per colony. They are a formidable opponent and can prove difficult to find and kill. The best way to exterminate termites, in and outside of your home, is the Sentricon System. This system, installed by a pest control specialist, can eradicate entire colonies of termites. The system is made up of stations set around your home, each with the unique Sentricon bait. This food attracts the workers of the colony. They consume the bait, then return the slow-acting poison to the colony. This poison is given as food to the whole colony, including the queen. There is no fumigation, and no hazard to you or your family.

Call your local pest control agency and have them do a full inspection of your home for any existing termites. Ask them about the Sentricon System and the benefits it will give you. Termites cause 2 billion dollars a year in property damage, and that isn’t a Fun Fact.


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