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Stinging Insects   

Sounds like a great title for a movie, doesn't it? But there is nothing romantic about bees. Actually, there is one thing romantic about bees. They pollinate flowers. And, flowers are definitely romantic. But that's it. That's where the romance stops. If you live in Montgomery County, I don't have to tell you what a pest bees can be. Whether it's carpenter bees boring holes into your deck or ground bees infesting your lawn, bees can be a real pain, quite literally. So, what can you do to protect yourself? Here is a quick list of ways you can keep bees from ruining your day, and ruining your home.

  • Screen doors and windows keep bees out. It is important to keep your screens in good working condition. If you can't afford to have them professionally fixed, there are great DIY videos on YouTube for quick screen repair.

  • Inspections are key. It is important to catch bee hives early in the season. Do a monthly inspection around your home and search for bees entering and exiting holes in your house, garage, shed or outhouse.

  • If you see bee activity, take caution when investigating. Wear a long shirt, long pants, and a protective mask. It is never fun to inhale a bee.

  • Be aware that some bee species can swarm and give chase. Africanized bees are even known to go around obstacles to get at their target.

  • Bees lose their stinger and die after stinging you. This piece of knowledge doesn't help the bee, but it can help you. Their stinger has a venom sack attached to it. If you are able to remove a stinger quickly, you can reduce how much venom is injected into your skin.

  • If you are noticing fat bumblebees with fully black hind sections wiggling into holes under your deck or gaps in your eaves, you have carpenter bees. These bees can do damage to your property if left unchecked. Have those holes treated and plugged by a professional.

  • Most bees are docile, but you should always have bees identified, especially if you're noticing several of them on your property.

  • Some people can be deathly allergic to bee stings.

Early detection and removal of hives is the best way to reduce the danger of bee stings. For effective detection and safe removal of beehives in Germantown and Montgomery County, American Pest is the right choice. Contact us today for more information or to schedule your service.


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