DC Ranked 9th Most Bed Bug Infested City


Bed bugs   

The reports are true.  Bed bugs are infesting our nation’s capital and according to a recent list compiled by Terminix, Washington D.C. is the country’s 9th most bed bug infested city. 

As with many other major cities throughout the country Washington DC is facing a growing bed bug problem.  These nighttime pests are infesting homes, apartments, hotels, retail stores, and office buildings, school dorms, hospitals, daycares, libraries, movie theaters, and laundry facilities and have even been detected on buses and throughout our transit lines.  In other words where ever people live and gather, bed bugs soon will be.  It has been several years since bed bugs have been such a large scale problem and the increase in travel and movement of people both domestic and international is often cited as cause for the recent resurgence as is lack of awareness and the ban on certain chemicals that were previously effective at getting rid of bed bugs.

"Because bed bugs have developed a resistance to traditional pesticides they are maddeningly difficult to treat," says W. Wayne White, Board Certified Entomologist for American Pest.  To combat the ever-growing pest problem, American Pest offers highly effective bed bug control for both Washington DC homes and businesses.  We also rely on Gizmo, our K9 bed bug detection dog to help us quickly and accurately pinpoint where bed bugs are hiding and thereby allowing our team of DC bed bug specialists, who are fully licensed and highly trained, to better treat infestations.

If you suspect your DC home or business has been invaded by these nighttime pests, let American Pest help you achieve a bed bug free environment.  For bed bug control in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia contact us by phone at 1-877-282-1886 or by clicking here.


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