Why Do I Have Carpenter Ants On My Maryland Property?


Carpenter Ants   
a carpenter ant crawling on a deck

If tapping and gnawing sounds in your walls aren’t suspect enough, the presence of sagging walls and hollow furniture will be a dead giveaway! 

If your local Maryland property suffers from frequent carpenter ant activity, you are not alone. In truth, carpenter ants are some of the more common pests in the area. These half-inch-long insects are classified as wood-destroying pests, although they do not consume wood the same way termite species do.

Carpenter ants destroy wood along the grain, creating a colony for themselves and their larva. They prefer to attack easily accessible wood that has not been treated. Once their colonies have been established, carpenter ants will create new swarmers and colonies around the home. This leads to ongoing infestations that are difficult to control.

Carpenter ants are perhaps best identified by the following features: 

  • Dark brown to shiny black exoskeletons 

  • Six legs, two antennae, and three segmented body parts 

  • Large mandibles that are easily seen from afar 

Unlike other species of ants, carpenter ants are large, slow-moving insects that can be found during any time of year. Although some pests are seasonal, the carpenter ant can stay active all year round.

Carpenter ant activity can be heightened with significant attractant factors. This largely includes the presence of food, water, and shelter. They are attracted to many different kinds of food, particularly things that are left out after a barbecue or outdoor party. 

Some of the most common kinds of attractant food factors are: 

  • Protein (meats, peanut butter, etc) 

  • Sugars (soda, desserts, etc) 

  • Dead insects 

  • Aphid honeydew secretions 

  • Pet food 

Carpenter ants will also be interested in securing an adequate water source. If your home has areas of puddling water, high humidity, or leaking pipes and drains, it could be enough to support a carpenter ant colony. Water sources allow ants to wreak havoc throughout your home, and leave behind some of the damages that put them on the map.

The Damages Caused By Carpenter Ants 

Many homeowners are unaware of the extensive damages caused by carpenter ants. Not only are these insects some of the most frustrating in the area, but they can be some of the most destructive as well, because they: 

  • Have the ability to hollow out walls, furniture, and ceilings.

  • Are extremely good at weakening structural supports around the home.

  • Are notorious for creating tight-fitting doors and windows, among other things.

  • May create ongoing or cyclical infestations that are difficult to control. 

If you are attempting to eliminate carpenter ants on your own, you may find that it is extremely difficult to get rid of or manage their spread. That’s why professionals recommend hiring a seasoned pro to help with the extermination of ant populations.

How To Get Rid Of Carpenter Ant Infestations With American Pest 

Carpenter ant infestations may not seem serious on the surface, but in reality, an infestation of any kind could be risking your family's health and wellness. Carpenter ants can easily grow out of control when left to their own devices, and if homeowners aren’t careful, they could wind up owing an expensive bill.

The best way to get rid of a carpenter ant infestation will always be to call in professionals. American Pest is no exception, serving Maryland home and business owners since our company’s start. We use our deep knowledge of pest species to root out Carpenter ants before they become infested, applying prevention and elimination techniques to your home and lawn.  Call today to schedule an initial Carpenter ant inspection. We can’t wait to hear from you!


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